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la la la
...ok la. sory for my previous blog..guess i was..er..angry..guess it might 'disturb' someone, anyone. sory gaks cos i didnt actually mention about the decision i made. i wrote that way bcos i didnt want to attract too much questions. nor do i want ppl to worry bout me (who?). this blog is for me, and for me to lepas geram, tuk hepi, for my feelings etc etc. i didnt write this blog to gain sympathy, view, opinion etc etc. ask no question and i tell no lie (hehe got it from Harry Potter).hope ppl wont bother too much by this blog, it surely doesnt concern you all. me and my complicated mind, so be it, and for sure, i'll cope and manage. if i need help, i'll get any. if not, let me be in peace (heheh)

for sure, i'm ok now, at least, stable lah (after 4 boiled eggs, Harry Potter and lots and lots of chocholates). just went to watch Scary Movie 3 with nadine and ct, it was quite fun. i mean the outing, not the movie huh. the movie is quite ok, not quite as good and funny as Scary Movie 1 and 2, but watchable. but if you have a computer + broadband, better download it la from imesh or kazaa, unless you have some extra money + some good frens to watch it together (er..i only got the latter..huhu mishkin..but nvmd la).

have a nice weekend and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha (this Sunday huh, bet sket je yg tau). Maaf zahir batin. Peace