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have been bz for these past few days...reading and trying to finish Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. damn. not the book, but this not-so-good feeling whenever i finish reading Harry Potter book. any HP book. it happens everytime. guess that's why i'm not that keen in reading fiction books, because i'll be that kind of person who is very much attached to the story, emotionally/mentally etc you name it. bet i'll have dreams about HP tonite. it feels so real, i mean the story, as if it's a true story, feels like all the characters do exist, Hogwarts, wizards etc etc...it feels soo damn real. that's what i like most about JKRowling. in case you didnt know, she is the writer of the Harry Potter books. JKR describes her characters in a very detailed manner, and the storyline is quite bizarre yet very interesting indeed. nevertheless, us, the readers are too absorbed into it we would believe it anyway no matter how illogical it would have been if it was true. and i'm here, therefore, to officially announced that i, sincerely regret to what i've said last year about LOTR being better than HP. the movie, it might be, but other than that HP is the best ever. for me. so dont ever get angry with me. my opinion. my taste. my blog.

here i am. in front of the computer. trying to browse the internet about..Harry Potter. hunger for more, any news/forum/hint/rumours/anything about all 5 Harry Potter books and the forthcoming book 6 and the 'holy' book 7. just watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban's movie trailer+pics..over and over again. it's due in cinema on 4th of June '04, hmm..not sure whether it's for us or uk. think i might just watch both Harry Potter's movies tonite. think elina got at least one of them.

this happens to me everytime. i got too easily absorb into something. like, a month ago, when i was responsible of spreading the 'anime fever' within my house. it all started with a few anime dvds from a fren, then my housemates got 'infected'. and we craved for more. with the anime's Bittorent, manga online, wallpaper etc etc. it felt soo damn real. it still do, but i guess it'll wear off after sometime. it's an anime, for god sake, not even a real human! but it felt so real. 4 dvds, 50 episodes, 4 main gorgeous, state-of-art characters and b4 we know it, all 4 of us have our own favourite character, download more anime, manga etc etc.

why cant we separate between reality and fantasy? guess because it would be much easier and lively to have lived in a fantasy world. where everything is reachable. and answerable. versus the reality which is reckless, brutal, gain-something-but-lose-something..basically THE real world that we all have lived, after one generation to another. reality hurts. and also it would be much easier to read about other ppl lives than to have to view and go through our own.

why am i doing this? cause i am bored, sitting on my bed with nothing particular to do, it's sub zero degrees outside and i'm hungry but cant seem to make my legs to move and go to the kitchen cause it's damn cold...nah..think i should start my Harry Potter movie now..Good day everyone..