1/20/2004 01:44:00 AM 0 Comments »
hihi. just deleted my previous blog. hmm..not comfortable..keep reminding me of my old self..what the hell..it's my own blog..but still dont feel comfortable...so just delete it!

went to buy the Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix this afternoon. finally! thanks ct, for your birthday voucher. i've already started reading it hihi..who cares bout the exams? hihihi..talk smooth la rite now..but gelabah later on huh..huhu

just chatted with my old, first roomate ever, mase kat taiping. hi yan! how i miss her. dah besar panjang huh hehehe. suddenly i remember all those memories. yup, i tried to avoid these for so long, i didnt even have any taiping's pics, but as you said, yan, there were also good memories. i shouldnt try to hide the skeleton inside the cupboard, nor put it on exhibition! hihi. perhaps put it somewhere where i know it's there and safe. but our conversation suddenly stopped for no reason, maybe yan got something urgent to do, like the meeting or something, that she left without saying goodbye. hmm..dont think i've said anything offensive, so i really really hope to be able chat with her again soon. yan, thanks for the memories, it'll always be there. hope kite chat lagi ok!