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nothing much happen. oja came to newcastle from glasgow. saw clips of her sis's wedding. OMG..nak kawin! this happens everytime i see/view/watch wedding ceremonies. damn tul la. cant get married now. want something really bad, but cant have it right now huh. dont get me wrong..i'm not wanting to get married, as in 'married', but i like the ceremony soo much! ngan pak andam nye, pelamin (since when did i like pelamin..but guess things change lol), all the costumes..WAAAAAAA. damn. damn.

ape aa azali ni. apsal ko jauh sgt huh? rase nak baling2 je huh. just realised i havent seen him for, like, 5 months. feel so distant la ngn die. me plak kind of ppl yg lupe muka org, muka bf sendiri pun selalu lupe. that's why i have his pics on my wall and in my purse. bukan jiwang ke ape, but i truly forgot his face la. dono la. funny huh. somehow his face doesnt stick on my mind. no picture memory of him. so kene aa tgk dinding everyday lol. miss him.

talking about things that puzzle me, here are some other things which i myself dono the answer..

1. when talking to my mum and she got angry/raise her voice etc. everytime mesti end up crying. though i dont want to cry! I HATE CRYING... but this thing kan, puzzle me soo much la. when your body and mind dont want to do that 'thing' but still end up doing that 'thing'. huh tak puas hati

2. what azali sees in me. why does he like me and be my bf. nope, not a single clue. honest

3. complete satisfaction in having conversation with huda by phones. mind you, most of the time i dont like to talk to any ppl at all. dont care, dont want to care. but then the conversation went very satisfying. EVERYTIME. i just felt satistied at the end of every conversation, no matter how bad/misrerable (kill kill kill die die die situation huh) i was at the beginning. magic sgt cause there's soo few ppl, if there is any, who can do that. nope, not even azali. nak kene shout ade aa

4. talking to my dad through phones..in english. automatic. dono why. biasenye ckp malay je when come face-to-face.

doh la tu. merepek. dont know why i'm writing all these. oo patut aa..it's almost 3am pun. nite nite