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Miss Monkey.

Miss Monkey is hard stuff and perhaps the most entertaining woman, that can be found.
She is wild, she is crazy, but very powerful, full of energy and an excellent companion to have fun with.
Intelligent, smart, full of ideas she can be an overdose for those, who like things quiet and in regular order.
Doing sports with her or going out for a dance or any kind of discovery is greatest fun as her wide range of interests and intelligence are safe bets for a jolly good time.
At work she is also very powerful, but sometimes too much talking does result in conflict situations. So also for her less can be sometimes a lot more.

hmm..interesting..anyway, see? even i dont know myself. how can you know me by just reading my blog? bagga to certain ppl

Mr. Monkey.

Mr. Monkey is one of the most gifted and interesting fellows to be explored among the twelve symbols.
Intellectually impressive and equipped with tons of energy and drive he is usually qualified to deliver first class contributions on many fields.
Business, politics, sports, on the screen and in almost any kind of profession he can produce spectacular results, though sometimes his concept can be a little thin and fragile.
He is great when it comes to observation, fast decisions and getting into action, whilst results depend sometimes on luck, rather than a well built foundation.
Amazing is also his uncompromising temper and frequently hard core humor, which may even hurt at times, to keep a conversation exciting.
In fact Mr. Monkey is the true born radical and whoever does like action should meet a Monkey first.

hmm..never like dull ppl

Miss Monkey + Mr. Monkey might be a little bit too wild, but at least no chances for boredom.
muehehehe..never like dull relationship though