1/15/2004 02:32:00 PM 0 Comments »
ayoyo bosannye
i know i'm not supposed to lepakking..exams are just in 2 weeks time, but since my motivation is zero, or even sub-zero, i cant simply forcing myself to read or do some revision. i just cant be bothered about exams. dont care. dont want to care. life is full of s**ts anyway, so why bother? not that i'm in a bad mood rite now, just that i'm not feeling anything. numb? dont think so cause i know how it feels to be numb, believe me. angry? dont think so. annoyed? a little bit, mainly concerning my life. i just dont care. yup...I DONT CARE.

finally the day i've been waiting for has arrived. i'm glad it has finally come, not that i'm worried of anything, i just feet glad that when something supposed to happen, happen.

went to this one website. my senior's website mase kat taiping. saw some pictures. well...those are the people who used to torture us, the junior. one whole year full of hell. hate them soo much. they are the one who initiate all the hatred in our heart. they thought us nothing, they gave us nothing but pure pain, hatred and avengence. to see them alive is a disgrace. well...that's how i feel. it may sound cruel, but as i said, today i just dont care