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tgh dgr album Will Young yg baru. bessttt nyer....wah...no 1 single, no 1 album at the moment..wah...muarhahaha..padan muke gareth gates only managed to get 4th place..muarhahah..gelak jahat gile..

anyway, rearrange my room today. hate my last arrangement. that was only for the exams. mess everywhere. now's better. got a bigger empty space, so that me and my housemates can eat on the floor instead of on the bed. took me the whole nite yesterday thinking about the new + suitable rearrangement plan. too many things to consider. the heater needs to be free and away from anything, so that the heat can be redistribute throughout the room. the tv MUST be directly at the foot of the bed, cause i eat, drink and live with my beloved tv, 24-7. the study table must be near the book shelf, senang nak amik buku. then there's a laptop, need to be near the printer. then kene consider wiring and power point. need to have a free space as well to semayang, mkn etc. lots and lots things to be considered. nasib baik akhirnye....dpt gak pk kan someting la MUARHAHAH. the whole process took me 5 hours kot. berat woo. yahoo..bilik besh skrg hehe.

one of my favourite song from will young:


Love is a matter of difference
Between you and me
Love is a matter of distance
That you are too far away

Love is a matter of growing
And knowing true feelings
Love is a matter of showing
That you are too far away

When my heart is open
My mind is opening to find
I cant let you stay
The love is a matter of difference
That you are too far away

Love is a matter of input
Outlook, deep inside
Love is to know you're on my side
That you are too far away

adoi...aku dah jadi jiwang. soo NOT me.. tapi nak buat camne. blame it on azali...