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adoi..so damn tired..damn tired. 2 whole days jln. smlm dah cover abis regent st + covent garden + london millenium bridge etc etc. then today huda forced me (yup..she forced me hehehe) to go to her lectures at her main campus kat whitechapel. then..as usual..i got bored at the first lecture (surprise surprise). during lunch time we went to a nearby market. by the way, whitechapel tu kawasan bangladesh, british-borned indian etc. a bit dodgy aa. but the market..wah..i was quite surprised. lots of kedai baju2 indian, punjabi, sari. really really nice embroideries, all the labuci. some of the clothes are quite overcrowded i admit, but there are some simple, very nice ones. wah..i really like the material and the price is not so expensive. i plan to go there again in the future to buy my wedding material. hehe..i plan to buy the sari and can use the kain to make kebaya. really really nice. oh my wedding...

then decided to miss the afternoon lectures (surprise surprise) and guess what? went to cinema to watch Lord of The Ring The Return of The King instead!! WAHH..THIS MOVIE GOT MY BEST VOTE!! THE BEST MOVIE EVER!! for a non LOTR fan (i'm Harry Potter's, man) it's hard for me to give this movie any credit. but this movie's really good! say no more, whoever read this, go run to your nearest cinema and watch this movie! go, run! run! run!