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alo alo alo

just finished 2nd paper. the final paper, the scariest and nastiest paper, is on this friday. may Allah has mercy on me...huhuhu..
the last 2 papers? ntah..dono. me dont like to predict/comment on past exams. emotionless. because it used to happen to me. i cant predict the result.

my emotion dah stable sket kot this week. pms, exam fever, anxiety, plus the cold and cruel weather predispose my mood (sape tak?). so i list down a few things that happen last + this week in my life:

+ve events:
1. my mum asked me to used her money to buy my new coat. duit raya = hadiah raya = coat idaman hati...mueheeheh. + she sent me, not one, but 2 new shirt/tops. both have very nice colours, definitely my taste/style. tq tq bondaku..hehehhe
2. will young 5th single got no1 place in the chart, after a confused cd distribution, somewhere, sometime this week. oh will young... you have my full support!
3. raya. sape tak suke? though i was in the middle of my revision when syawal arrived, but hey, raya IS raya. and this year's raya is the best raya so far. had kak maz's raya dishes...besh besh. semlm baru die buat biskut london almond. heaven!
4. managed to pay all my bills in advance, be more organized in my spending, and...i left with very fewww pocket money! what to do what to do.. but still hepi
5. more relax and organised in my revision. lebih senang nak masuk..alhamdullillah. maybe sbb dpt 2 weeks study leave..dpt rehat lebih huh
6. received result + feedback for my medical physics literature review. hepi hepi. one of the examiner really really like my paper and he gave me merit, but the other examiner down graded it a little. never mind. i am more more that happy if somebody actually like my paper. it was the first paper which i really enjoyed reading, writing etc. oh meds physics..here i come!

-ve events:
1. exams. who like exams???
2. missed a few cite in the tv...huhu...sbb study aa nyer psl.. need to sacrifice something, if you want to gain something
3.weather sejuk sgt!! plus the moodiness + greyish cloudiness + raining, wet everywhere. guess winter come early this year.
4. got a cold + running nose, despite having had flu jab last sept/oct. + a few headaches, or i might say, some throbbing discomfort on me right frontal, which radiates to the right eye...wuuu
5. bengang sgt2 last weekend. i dont like being angry. rase cruel, jahat sgt. sory to that person, dont you ever buat aku marah lagi..cause no one will want to see me being angry. not a nice view, not a nice feeling.

hm..i guess that's all that i can think of right now...
ngantuk weh...otakku sakit...got a few days more b4 'the' last paper.