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penat sih. 6 hours++ dlm bus from london to newcastle. last minute decision tuk pegie london last week, tak de tiket train yg berpatutan. so naik aa bus. dont mind actually..maybe dah get used to long hour journey since last sem selalu sgt pie coventry. naik train pun 5hours ++. since azali kat mesia, langsung tak kuar newcastle. need some time to have the courage to travel and realise azali wont be there at the end of the journey. kali ni pun, if it wasnt for huda, dont think i want to go anywhere outside newcastle. but what a nice trip at london! a great person she is. i was quite sad to say goodbye to her just now. the first days were quite...i might say...distance to each other. time goes by, and both of us have changed to quite a different person. then bile jumpe balik...quite distance/awkward huh. but the final days were the best. ever. thanks huda. you're the best.

sampai newcastle je...hujan. penat + bosan. then balik umah. nasib ade ellina. woo hoo! ade geng huh. mmg dah janji nak tgk pop idol final sesame. but this year's popidol is SOOO dull. all the good ones semue dah kuar. ntah ape2 ntah. dont want to talk much about the winner..dont like her, dont want to like her, will not like her. then supper with ellina. dua2 lapa gile! should see how both of us ate. heheh. then i ran with all my might to my room to... call azali! miss this siamang like hell! so relieved and happy to hear his voice, and all of his attention and care...heheh..cair......b4 his mum called him to do something, and he had to leave me..huhuhu. tappe makcik..i'll have your son sooner or later huh...jahat sungguh aku nih!!

ngntuk seh. nak tido. esok some frens from belfast will come to newcastle. kene bawak jln2 newcastle. dont mind though since i dont have anything else to do pun. but the weather forecast for tomoro is really bad, man. strong wind, temperature can be -1, with the possibility of snowing. 'nice day to introduce newcastle huh'. nite nite