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malasnye nak tulih. tapi tulisla sket2.
yesterday pie ikea ngn ellina and kak syikin. i bought 3 cactus and 2 lucky bamboos! just felt like i want to give another lives another chance. used to own a cactus back in kmys, sihat tul, ask my chaletmates dulu kat kmys. then bile nak fly pie uk, left it to my mum, pastu mati. sedey. then used to own a goldfish for 2 years, sihat tul, ask my flatmates, pastu bile summer 2002, balik mesia sat then tinggalkan kat a****, terus mati. sedey. pastu rase mcm dah tak sampai hati nak bela ape2. sedey sbb aku betul2 syg goldfish tu, + my old cactus. the secret is to talk to them every now and them. feel as if they're there with you. then betul2 rase sedey bile depa mati. ade grief period gak la hihi. anyway, new cactuses, new names la, as usual. 3 cactuses, i named Genso Sanjo, Cho Hakkai and Sha Godjo. and the lucky bamboos tu Son Goku. okey la. welkam to my life, dear plants.

quite hepi actually. and proud as well. my youngest brother got a good result for his pmr. everybody was very very surprised, as he's the youngest, suke main, with a past upsr result yg teruk gak la. the first thing that he said to me when i called him last nite was "Na, Iwan kantoi aa.." i was like. "huh? hmm" then he said "sebab iwan nangis depan semue org". kah kah kah. my mum cried as well. then i called my sis and my other bro. borak2 panjang, telling each other how surprised and unexpected the news is. and Iwan now cant decide what presents does he want!! such a spoil boy, but he's well deserved all the presents (mintak aku MD player!!? botak aku) pandai betul die. mintak my mum hadiah lain, my dad hadiah lain, mintak my sis hadiah lain etc etc. siap tanye aku lagi ape bende yg die leh mintak. ceh...buat aku jeles je. hihi. but i' hepi and proud for him. wish i were there at this moment. nak tgk Iwan sengeh sampai telinga!