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alo again

called my mum and my sis this morning. got some bad news. my mum dreamt something sad and bad about my sis. jawa ppl believe in dreams. dont want to write about the actual dream, but it's clearly a bad sign. sigh. my elder sister is single and living alone in kl. and she has an awkward working hour. always finish at 2-3 in the morning. dono la. she works for bbmb but i always thought they have a fixed 9-5 schedule. dono la. and my sis works really hard. and i think she has depression. sian die. all i can do is to call her every now and then to say hi and make sure she's fine.

and my dad. more or less confirms he's moving to...guess it again..sudan. some of my frens in newcastle have already known about this, but i dont think it's true until i called my mum this morning. it doesnt make sense. my parents are quite an old couple. not that old, 50 and 48, yet i think they should remain with their close ones back in malaysia. and my dad already earn enuff for the family. more than enuff. we never want more than enuff. we always like simple life. ape lagi? we the children dont want their money, harta etc. but i know my dad. he likes thrill, adventorous thing. the more the better. he likes to be ongoing. but what i dont like is he would drag my mum with him. and i know my mum. she loves my dad more than everything. they stick with each other, though thick and thin. and i'm pretty sure she will follow my dad to sudan. though she doesnt like sudan (who does?) sigh. i dont like my family to be separated. and my youngest bro..dont know where will he go. boarding school? i know he's a mum's son. anak mak. dont like boarding school a bit. and my sis. being single, i think she will need my family support more than ever. sedey sedey. i always remember my childhood times. we were not rich, but we have each other. we always move around, from one place to another, locally, abroad, but we always together. sob sob. miss those times. that's why i know i'm and will always be a family person. always be. i'll choose family than money, fame, power, ambition or anything else. that's why i keep on dragging, complaining about living oversea. it might be ok, small thing for some ppl. not for me. i made a mistake. by going away.

now we are to be separated. if it's up to me, i wouldn't go. but it's not up to me. sigh