12/19/2003 04:00:00 PM 0 Comments »
ari ni tak kuar mane2. last night mimpi azali. ye la, since kat london, cant call him that often. huhuhu mish him. in that dream i saw his face was sad. huhuhu aku lagi sedey. that's why today i'd decided to stay in huda's room the whole day. cant wait to go back to newcastle tomoro. dont get me wrong, i enjoy my time here with huda kat london, there are lots of things we'd catched up. miss london gak, it's been more than a year since i truly enjoy london. last year, i mean sept 2002-03 i've been to coventry tooo often. been away from london and huda. but now i've been in london for a week and i guess that's more than enuff. i'm going back to newcastle tomoro, have my sweet room, with my sweet bed, miss ismail (my teddy huh) and miss ellina + other housemates as well. most importantly..i miss talking to azali. azali, sory for being away, i guess i need my break from newcastle, but not from you. miss you so much, and i promise to be with you (via phone laaa) when i be in newcastle tomoro!