12/15/2003 10:05:00 PM 0 Comments »
london. too much past memories. some good, and some bad. me kinda ppl who dont like their past. past = painful. me threw away past pictures. me hate taking any picture..cause it will remain me of the past, when i see it again it in the future...

but mng will always give smile on my face!! elina..jgn jeles! best gile. *hint hint..handbag baru hihi. spent hours kat oxford st. woo hoo! will go there again b4 balik newcastle this saturday.

another good news! azli will be spending her winter break with me kat newcastle! best best! for a week. azli, or azlizawati, is one of my good fren mase kt kmys. really really good person. good fren is not the same as best fren huh (that's you huda! hihi). but sometimes both of them exist in the same person (that's you ellina! hihi) enuff enuff

well, quite happy kat london. huda belanja kuey teow goreng! woohoo! had a nice and long walk this afternoon. did lots and lots of thinking hoho as usual. looking forward gaks to see azli this sunday. yee haa! hope life can be as good as this more often.