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my, er, let me see, hm, 7th swatch i think. tee hee hee. me like swatch!
i thought as i get older i would prefer a more matured, grown-up like watch. yet i'm still hooked with swatch. mind you, of all the swatches that i have, let me think, since 14 years ago, only 4 out of the 7 swatches still functioning. the other 3 already died. 2 of them had served me well, i wore it for more than 5 years. however the 3rd one, which was one of my favourite, had only lasted for 2 years. it was my first square swatch, it was so pretty in light and sea blue colour that mama bought for me from her trip to doha and i seldomly wear it because i like it so much. tgk2 dah mati. tried to change the battery but it didnt work. i will try to bring it the swatch store when i go to kl soon.
as i said, the 1st two had served me well. my first ever swatch, i bought it when i was 14, i remember going to the only shop i know that sells swatch at that time, and that was at kotaraya. it was a transparent one, you know, where you can see all the dials, screws, knots etc cos it has a transparent background face-dial whatever-you-call it. i had aimed it for some time, and saved some of my pocketmoney for some time and bought it for rm105, or was it rm150, i cant remember. i remember being so happy and thought it was a well spent money.
the second was a gift from mama, a gift just before i went to the uk. i was almost 20 at that time. it wasnt a planned purchase, just a few days before my departure, my family and i went to a shopping mall, which i cannot remember where, and we passed a watch shop and as usual, i would go drooling over the swatch collection. and suddenly mama asked me which watch i liked the best, and i said it was one of the irony one, ie the big chunky metal one, as i was quite boyish at that time and would prefer a big, musculine watch. mama looked at it and said, 'if ko nak, ameklah, mama belikan'. and the rest is history, the swatch remained with me for the next 5 years and i was so sad when it died.
the rest of the swatch collection i bought it at the uk. well, mama bought one of them for me during our trip to edinburgh. it was another irony collection, it has such a pretty face, but after wearing it for some time, it wasnt as comfortable as i thought it would be, all because of its straps that just wont keep still on my wrist. asyik pusing2 aje. the way i like to wear my watch is for it to stay firm and fixed on my wrist, no lose-lose one. and for some reason i think the watch is rather heavy compared to the last irony swatch i had. for that reason i seldomly wear it.
i'm rather fond of my swatch collection so i thought i should get a simple one to use it for everyday use. so i bought a typical swatch, with its plastic head and leather straps and used it everyday. i bought it for a single purpose, ie to use it everyday, and i made sure it was a simple one so that i wont get too attached to it. it has a metallic blue face, with large dials for an easier and clearer look, with dark brown leather straps. this swatch has also served me well and i wore it everyday during my last 2 years in med school at the uk.
on my way back home to malaysia for good, i bought another swatch at the airport. it was my second square swatch. i like mama's blue square swatch so much that i could not wear it sbb sayang sgt altho i want to wear it so much. so i bought the second square swatch as a replacement for the 1st one that i couldnt wear. funny eh? it was a black and silver one, with a bit of flowery design and it still serves me up to this day.
then after i had the black square swatch, i decided to give the simple blue metallic face dark brown leather swatch one to dear hubby who doesnt have a watch and dislike wearing one. i told him that swatch is a rather light watch and quite easy to use and maintain. he refused to let me buy him a new one. and i think he likes that swatch as he wears it everyday since then. and when i offered to buy him a new, better, musculine watch for the hantaran, he refused and said he has already had my swatch and that he likes it.
besides my swatches, i have 3 other watches, one of them is a dkny, it is an elegent watch, but it doesnt have a second hand, which is a must criteria for me (pulse reading anyone? hehe), and another one is a guess which is too pink and girly for me to wear. for these reason i seldomly wear them.
so i'll be having my 7th swatch, hopefully by next weekend when i go to kl for a weekend break. it is another of mama's gift, she bought it at perth's airport, where she went last week with kak lysa. it will be my first irony lady, my first small face swatch. i dont think normal irony swatch will suit me anymore, maybe because my wrist is smaller nowadays as i lost some bit of weight lately hence a big, large, chunky irony swatch would not suit my wrist. or maybe since i'm older now, and someone's wife too, so a more feminine swatch would suit me better. or maybe that was what mama and kak lysa thought, when they chose the swatch for me. well i dont know, i'm not too fussy as long as it's a swatch, and to be honest, i'm not even fussy at all since it is a gift! tee hee hee. thanks mama!