afternoon ranting

11/03/2008 05:18:00 AM 2 Comments »

finally it's all OVER!!

it was sooo tiresome. and time consuming. and i'm glad it's done. i am now someone's wife. hehe felt so funny. and when i saw him, my thought would be, 'my HUBBY!' hehe. now i cant address him as 'my fiance' anymore like what i did for the last 4 years and 2 months, now i have to address him as 'my husband'...eee dont think it has sinked in my head, yet. and now i'm a 'puan'. bloody hell. felt so funny hihihi.

but i'm glad and grateful to be the wife for someone i'm truly head over heel in love with. a former friend once mentioned to me that ugly girls, like me, do not deserve true love, and that guys are only marrying ugly girls, like me, out of desperation when they couldnt find anyone else to marry. it was such a hurtful statement, and i know i will remember it forever, but now i know i can prove him wrong. i have found a wonderful person who is in love with me, who gives me support and advice whenever i need, always there to hold my hand and to provide a shoulder to cry on, and i know he will always be there for me. so you're dead wrong, MR ADI MD SHAH! i think every person in this world deserve to have their own happiness, no matter who they are, what they are. everyone deserves to be happy.

not sure what made me wrote that. i'm such a person who hold grudges, pretty bad. i know it's not good, what past is past, but i think some people should know that they can hurt people quite badly and that they do not realise it. i hope i do not fall into that category, i admit i can be quite opinionated at times, and i can be very cruel to those i hate, but i surely appreciate and treat my dear ones nicely. well, that's for my friends to judge.

oklah, got to go. will write more later.


Liza Yaakup said...

I'm so very2 happy for both of u!

Norafiza said...

me tooo!!!