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'banyakkan bersabar and willing to give more. able to accept him for who he is, he is a human afterall who is prone to make mistakes and not as perfect as you thought he is, willing to forgive and forget cos that is just what sharing one's life with another means'

more or less advices that were given to me post-maritally.


nothing specific to write today. wish to call mama for our weekly chat, but she'll not be at home til thursday. she goes to perth with kak lysa since last sunday. abah is not home either, he goes to his annual uk/russia trip til next week. so tinggal me, jiman, meda, maisarah and iwan. the latter is having his final exams now, felt a bit pity to him for not having anyone around. but he called me yesterday to get a good luck wish, which made me feel quite appreciated as a big sister. he is closest to mama and kak lysa, and the least to me. no surprises there, as i was not around for most of his childhood period. anyway, time to amend broken relationship, and i'm glad he called me yesterday and we did have a good chat.

meda, my sis-in-law is at the end stage of her pregnancy. she is at 32 weeks, but already experience some pain and the docs said that the baby's position is too downwards. pray that she can maintain the pregnancy up to until 36 wks, ie until full term before delivering the baby. she plans to have it in kuantan, so i plan to drive back home anytime when she delivers the baby. and it's going to be a boy :)

oklah, got to do some work now. this week and next week are going to be a stressful one. pray everything will turn out to be ok. calo