weekend trip

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fuh finally i can have some space to breath! such a busy busy week.

anyway, today i plan to write about my weekend break. it was a full and packed one, but very satisfying nevertheless. okey my journey started on wednesday night when i took the bus to go to kl. the 8-hour journey was ok actually, better than expected, i managed to sleep at least on half of the journey. reached kl at around 5-ish in the morning, and dearest hubby picked me up at the bus station. and if you are here with me right now, you can see that huge huge smile on my face *tee hee hee just thinking of him fills me in with such joy and happiness :D

anyway, back to the real world haha, after my arrival, both of us decided to have an early breakfast. not a problem at all if you're in kl, where there are a lot of places that open for 24 hours. had roti telor and that would fill me in for the rest of the morning. then we went to my house in ampang. currently my SIL and niece are there, but obviously at 6 in the morning they were sleeping kan. had a chat here and there with hubby, there were lots to catch up, and me ironing his shirt for work really satisfied me :) i know i know i'm such an old fashioned wife hehe.

after hubby went to work at half 7, i planned to go back to sleep but had to cancel it when i saw dearest maisarah who just woke up. she greeted me with a puzzled face, it is always like that. she had this face whenever she first saw me when i come back. this face read 'hello stranger. no, i do know this face. this is a familiar face. i think i know this person. where did i see this person?' this face will carry on for a few seconds, before she finally gave me that huge smile. and also gave me hug. me pun cair cair heheh.

that morning i planned to cook lunch for hubby. again, an old fashioned wife. i dunno, that's just me. anyway, that day the menu was nasi tomato, ayam masak merah and sayur campur. i havent been in the kitchen for a few months, so i was a bit unsure on how it would turn out. and it turned out to be ok! once i was at the kitchen, everything felt so natural. overall it was a successful morning. hubby came back for lunch and ate my dish and i felt so satisfied. dunno why haha.

then in the afternoon, after hubby left for work, i babysat maisarah while my SIL went for a scan with her sister who is also pregnant. 5 hours with maisarah! heaven! main2, golek2, kasi makan, tgk cartoon same2. she is so grown up now. she knows her favourite cartoons in such details. when the intro songs of series like barney, mickey mouse clubhouse and little einsten are on air, she would position herself in front of the telly and would watch it in such concentration. then she would move and dance accordingly to the cartoons. really really enjoyed watching over her that afternoon.

that night me and hubby went to catch a movie. finally a trip to the cinema! mmg i was a bit kemaruk nak tgk wayang. i planned to watch the latest james bond with him but hubby already watched it with his friend so we watched high school musical 3 instead. i thought he would not want to watch it, i know it's such a girly movie and i know he's not a fan of high school musical movies previously, but then he agreed to accompany me. gosh knowing him who doesnt like to do things that he doesnt like, i thought he must have loved me that much to be agreed to watch this kind of movie. and that surely create another huge smile on my face by just thinking about it :D

ok, back to earth miss elly haha. anyway, i really enjoyed the movie, i'm a huge fan of the first 2 movies anyway so no doubt i would enjoy the 3rd one. after the movie we went back to ampang and stayed there for the night since it would be easier for hubby to go to work at keramat, where he is currently located.

the next morning, after hubby off to work, again i failed my plan to go back to bed because of maisarah. i'm so much attached to this girl. then, after the shops open at 10, i decided to go to klcc to sort out a few things. first, to catch the latest james bond movie. second, to fix my swatches. third, to kecikkan my wedding ring that is loose now since i lost some weight since entering the uni. and fourth, of course, to enjoy some window shopping. the james bond movie was good i thought. not excellent, but good nevertheless. but i know why some people would think otherwise, and every people are entitled for their own opinions, so i wont argue with that. then i managed to go to the swatch shop and kecikkan tali jam of my new swatch. and guess what, the blue square swatch that i thought was broken (read previous entry) was actually not broken at all! it only needed to change its battery. apparently the previous kedai jam (which is not a swatch shop) did not know how to put the swatch battery properly and thought the swatch was broken. well it's actually not, and it's now fully working! i'm so grateful for this as i like that swatch so much. another good news for me :)

anyway, i didnt manage to kecikkan my wedding ring since the habib branch in klcc was closed for refurbishment. then after pusing2 klcc for sometime, i took the cab to return to ampang. but before that, i found out from a computer shop in klcc that my dream laptop is having a price-cut. it's the sony viao light pink one. i really adore that laptop, again i dont care about the function, contents, harddrive and ram whatsoever, it's the baby pink colour in and out that makes me drool everytime i see it. it was rm4k something previously, but now it's rm2988! i so want it, but i realised there's actually zero chance for me to own it now huhu. but i vow to myself to own that exact laptop one day, ONE day, just not sure when haha. just one day i will own it, amin.

so after the trip to klcc, i went back to ampang and had a short nap. hubby came back home later and we planned to go back to his house at damansara damai that night. but we waited until mama and abah to arrive from kuantan that night, just to say hi. didnt plan to see them cos i thought they would be in kuantan for the weekend, but knowing abah's all-over-the-place timetable, i wasnt surprised at all. and the meeting was welcome nevertheless. so after seeing them (and seeing mama's new dior handbag as well that she was so eager to show me, well, that's actually the main reason i stayed and waited for them to arrive from kuantan) we went back to damansara damai.

saturday was a packed day, one reason we planned to start our day at damansara damai. first, cant believe i actually agreed to do it, was the bengkel kereta. i know! gosh i must love this guy that much to agree to follow him and accompany him at the bengkel while the mechanic fixed his car for... 2 hours! then i thought of the previous night when he accompanied me watching such a girly movie, i thought this should be alright. lagipun the plan of the day was for us to stay with each other and spend the time together. then after the bengkel, we went to shop for a.. washing machine! me so like this one. bab shopping, give it to me hehe. we received a lot of gift vouchers as wedding presents, a total of rm2k, so we thought why not we spend it for our house utilities, although currently we do not live together, but that doesnt mean we cant buy house utilities. we planned to buy a few things, but we thought having a good washing machine would be at the top most of the list, and we managed to do that later that day.

besides the washing machine, we bought a few things for ourselves as well. bestnyer spending gift vouchers! hubby got himself a pair of pants and a few shirts for work, but i only got a shirt. we lacked of time as i was going home that night. the new washing machine arrived at our home that night and hubby was so excited. terus basuh baju! but then at 9pm, we left the house for dinner, then he sent me off at the bus station. was quite emotional at the bus station but hubby said that i wasnt going back to newcastle again, like before. and he said he will be seeing me again in 2 weeks time for raya haji, where he will drive back home to his parents' house, a place where i will also celebrate this year's raya haji. so i know it would be alright. arrived at the uni at 6 o'clock the next morning and my classes started at half 8.

overall it was a very tiring and packed weekend break, but very very satisfying indeed. looking forward to see that face that i adore so much, in a week and a half. cant wait!

ok, back to mother earth miss elly, you got tons of work to do. calo!