weekend and wedding

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i thought this weekend was a good one. good weather, it rained a bit, making it not as hot as it always been since i came here. managed to settle a few things as well, sent the car to get its regular check-ups, did my fortnightly groceries shopping, managed to do some readings and cleaned my room and did the laundry as well. all in all, it is a productive weekend, and i like that ;)

didnt have the mood to write about the wedding, but what else to write about? me and my mundane life? oklah, i will try to write something.

hubby thinks i'm too thin (tempted to say something sarcastic about this, but managed to refrain myself so bravo to me haha. the polite-est respond to this would be 'have you got your eyes checked lately, dear?). i admit i lost some bit of weight lately, but definitely not too much. i still eat as usual, it's just that i burnt more nowadays. then hubby explained himself by saying he doesnt mind what size i am, as long as i remained as energetic and lively like i used to be. sigh. i admit i used to be very energetic and physical, i used to move all my stuff all on my own when i moved houses. i could carry a 24inch tv with no sweat at all, i could lift 20-something kg heavy boxes and bags with no problem at all. back then i could walk the whole day, did this and did that. sadly i couldnt do it anymore. hurt my shoulders sometime ago and i became more and more tired that usual. i blame it on the old age haha. you cannot expect a 28-year-old to be as energetic as a 20-year-old, can you? plus my appetite is not as good as it used to be. and it got worse whenever i stress. dono.

anyway, i vow to improve my physical ever since hubby mentioned about it. no i'm not joining a weight-lifting class, but i promise to do regular exercises every now and then when i got nothing to do in the late afternoon, and i also promise to eat regularly, 3 times a day, with at least one rice meal each day. should i get a multivitamin? the last one i tried really gave me a scare, the ginseng content did give me a boost of energy, just that it was a little bit too much to tell you the truth. i'll make sure the next one doesnt have any ginseng in it huh. but with so many choices of multivitamins over the counter, how would i choose one?

oklah, suddenly i felt intrige to write a little something about the wedding (hehe). it is about my choice of colour theme for the wedding. those who know me, i can be quite fickle-minded at times. like this choice of theme colour for the wedding, i changed it more than a couple of times, and it didnt help with me being in such a looonnnggg engagement. my initial choice of colour was dark brown with a hint of copper colour, and cream as the background colour. i chose this because people always say that dark chocolate colour suits my skin colour. then, however, when my brother got married in 2006, mama had decided to choose that same colour as his wedding theme colour. jiman was totally innocent, being a typical guy, he didnt care at all about the theme colour. but mama loved gold, and what better match with gold other than dark brown? and the rest is history..

a year later, when my sister bought the cadar from china which i decided there and then to be the cadar for the katil pengantin, i thought green would be suitable. green because the cadar, which is cream in colour with beautiful light pink and other pastel-coloured embroidery on top of it, has a green border, so i thought if i would wear a green wedding dress, it would be well-matched with the cadar. hehe again, the colour coordination obsession.

then i realised green doesnt suit my skin colour. plus there are sooo many shades of green out there, light green, dark PAS green, pastel green, apple green, pucuk pisang green, hijau lumut etc, making it imposible to have only one shade of green for the wedding. and being a colour coordination obsess, i know if the wedding involved the wrong shades of green, and there is a high possibility for this to occur, it would only caused me a heartache, more like an eye-ache. dono why, but if i see the pelamin, the dress, the bunga pahar etc all in a different shade of colour, altho it has the same colour eg green, it would have caused me such a stress and i wouldnt like it all.

then last year i saw raja nazrin got wed with the ever-so-beautiful tunku zara, which later became my idol (haha). she looked sooo beautiful during her nikah with her white dress, so i thought why not putih? white will always be white, i know that in north pole the eskimos has more than 20 shades of white, but here, in a normal population, white is white. i can still able to accept off-white, pearly white etc cos it's still white, as long as it's not cream. so white it was..

.. until mama said the wedding would be a dull, more like a majlis berkabung, if i choose to have it all white. see, the person who you loved most will surely be the one who hurt you the most. anyway, after pikir punyer pk punyer pk, i was still adamantly want white as the theme colour, but this time with some hint of silver and light grey. and i almost managed to get it all done according to this theme colour, until my wedding team said, 'er, mane ade daun kaler putih or silver or grey?' and 'susah nak carik all only white roses for the pelamin, guest tables etc' since i wanted a fresh-flower pelamin. so then oklah, malas nak pk, it was white theme colour, with a hint of silver, light grey, natural light pink roses and leafy green. so there you go. to choose the theme colour for you wedding is not as easy and straightforward as it seems. or is it just me? tee hee hee :D *peace*