my wedding II

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fuh finally i can breath a bit. for now..

cant wait to go back this weekend. there's somebody i'm so damn eager to see. no, 2 persons actually. i'm so smitten, head over heels to one, and so fond to the other one. now everybody can guess who is that first person i'm talking about kan, but how about the second one? let me give some clues. she likes barney and she's going to be a big sister soon! hehe

anyway, actually i dont have anything interesting to write today. just finished my last papers and felt that i want to do something but not sure what. tempted to write something about the wedding, but i think by now there would be several people out there who would muntah hijau kebosanan already whenever i mention the word 'wedding'. and you know what? the more people oppose, the more eager i am to write. it's my blog anyway so i write whatever i want. tee hee hee dasar rebelious (more like keras kepala) haha

but no, i'm someone's wife now, and i should behave myself more properly. a wife is someone who is polite and able to listen to advices.


but one of the reason he chose me is for my preference to speak out my mind, because of my opinionated-ness (altho he hates my stubborness hehe). so.... i'm going to write a thing or two about the wedding afterall haha. so here goes. sape tak suke boleh pegi ok, but do come back again later k (see i'm trying to be polite here hehe)

as i mentioned, like, a thousand times before, my ideal wedding would be a simple one. no pelamin, no khemah2, no bunga pahar, no makan beradab. just me and my oh-so-beautiful dress. and of course the groom, the kadi, the wali and less than 20 close famili guests should be there also la. and as anyone who came to my wedding or read my blog or go to my friendster and saw my wedding pictures, the event was nothing, NOTHING, like i imagine or dream it would be like. i guess you cant have everything in life haha.

the pelamin was a request from my mother. her wedding, 33 years ago, was a simple one, they didnt have a pelamin, or she didnt even had a proper wedding dress (that's why she insisted on buying me and my sister our own wedding dresses.. love you loads mama huhu), so she personally requested for me to have a pelamin. i didnt have a clue on what kind or type of pelamin to have, since it wasnt included in my dream wedding plan. so i browsed and browsed, and searched and searched and tried to find as simple as possible a pelamin could be. this was a harder task than i thought it would be, because i didnt have a single clue on what kind of pelamin i want. mama as usual, left everything to me. at the end i just simply chose one of the simplest pelamin design i found on the magazine. i then decided to add some fresh rose flower bouquets on it, because it being a very simple pelamin, it would be so obviously ugly if the artifical flowers attached to it were ugly, as some artificial flowers can be so damn ugly (woow, 3 'ugly' words in one sentence hehe). i wasnt convinced the wedding team could get decent artificial flowers, that's why i chose fresh ones.

i was satisfied with the end result, as i didnt have any expectation to fill, so as long as there was a pelamin, i guess it should be fine lah. but i guess mama wasnt satisfied, i think she must have compared it with jiman and kak lysa's pelamins. jiman's pelamin was a grand one, with its gold and bronze colour, the chairs were gold as well as the bunga pahar and everything. it was a grand pelamin indeed. while kak lysa's pelamin was a very beautiful one, it was like a fairy-tale one, with its sangkar burung pelamin and lots and lots of flowers. so no surprises there when mama started to compare my pelamin with theirs. my arguments would be: one, both of them had their wedding at dewan, with huge platforms for the pelamin. two, having a pelamin was not something i planned, so i had no idea whatsoever on what kind of pelamin to have. all i want is the wedding dress (everyone know! hehe). and mama never mention on what kind of pelamin she would want to have. fine, i think she thought i would not want to listen to her advice (i'm not that big-headed mum, i did ask for ideas but you refused to give)

anywayyyy, the pelamin was ok, in my opinion. i was too tired and exhausted to listen to other people's comments. i think there were actually more people who would like to say a thing or two about the pelamin, but they wouldnt dare to say it to my face (except mama la). GOOD. i prefer it that way. i think i must have the do-not-messed-up-with-me face whenever i'm annoyed. GOOD. prefer it that way. and as you can see, i'm not that popular among relatives, unlike my other siblings. GOOD. prefer it that way haha. but i was surprised so many came to the wedding. fine, i should be grateful then (....) haha.

but at least i got a few months to think and prepare for the pelamin. the khemah was another issue. at first i didnt want any khemah, i thought who would want to come to my wedding, a nobody wedding, moreover it was going to be held in kuantan, where none of our relatives live nearby, so who would be the guests anyway? but abah insisted on having some khemah, so i thought oklah, just for you abah, i booked 2 khemah. then 3 months before the wedding, dear parents bising2 mahu makan beradab. surprise suprise. tak pernah plan langsung mahu makan beradab. makan2 je cukup la kan. janji perut kenyang, suka la hati kan haha. but no, mama said she has a friend who is so good with preparing makan beradab and that she was eager to prepare one for me. to be honest, i think this was only mama's excuse, when it was actually her who wanted me to have the makan beradab. FINE.

so i added one more khemah, to make it 3. then less than a month to go, with abah sewakan one whole bus from my kampung at kuala selangor to come to kuantan (yup one BUS! abah actually volunteered to sewakan more buses when there were more people from my kg who wanted to join the bus trip, but after i gave him the 'evil' stare, he gave up that idea) and then abah started to pok pek pok pek and wanted 6 (bloody SIX!) khemahs for the guests and i thought it was a ridiculous idea and stepped on my feet and stood firmly on my initial plan. then mama had to become the org tengah, and we decided to add only 1 more khemah, making it 4 all together. i thought i could see abah was trying to arrange with the khemah people himself when they were pasangkan khemah 2 days before the wedding to add more khemahs, but luckily they only brought the exact amount of khemahs to pasang that day at my house. persistent huh org tua tu hehe

but he got his revenge later huh

just one day prior to the wedding, with all the khemahs, all its decoration, the pelamin were all finished and done, abah then removed all his 4 kereta antic and put it at the hujung laman. you see, all of his kete antic are usually in this one medium-sized garage, it's like a car-porch, that could fit 5 cars. so he removed all of his antic cars and bersihkan all the lantai etc and came to see me and asked for more tables to be fitted on that car-porch. RIGHT. fine, i was too tired to argue and went to see the wedding team and asked for more tables and chairs along with its decos to be fitted in that car-porch. at the end, it could fit 4 more tables, like one normal khemah would fit. so abah managed to get his revenge. i think it was quite a funny experience on having to deal with someone old.. who is as degil as me haha.

ok, finally, the tepung tawar. there wasnt any plan whatsoever to have the tepung tawar event. it was just not something that i plan, or want to do, at all. but nooo... parents always win at the end i tell you. just one day (1 DAY!) prior to the wedding i found out there would be a tepung tawar event. mase tu i was too damn tired to argue and whateverlah, i just couldnt wait for all the event just to be done with.

so when oja said something like "ai 'simple' sgt ler simple wedding ko ni" ie the wedding is not as simple as she (and me!) thought it would be like (as she knew about my simple, small wedding dream), i could only smile. because i was so tired, exhausted at that time, and couldnt wait for all of it to be over with. plus i know, no matter how stubborn, big-headedness you are, at the end parents will always win haha