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11/26/2008 03:13:00 PM 0 Comments »
cant believe how cold it is nowadays, with the rain pouring in almost every day and night. yesterday for example, it rained for the whole day, including night time, non-stop, and it was freezing cold. never thought it could be this cold in malaysia. now i start to wear socks and sweaters everytime i'm in my room. i even sleep with the comforter. rase macam kat uk plak haha but i'm really really glad i'm not there at this moment, with its winter season. abah who went there last week said the temperature was around 3 degrees, and that was at london, i'm sure it would be much much lower up north.

anyway, i prefer it to be cold, rather than hot. and i dont think the weather in malaysia will go down to less then 20 degrees (lowest was 22 degress so far when i checked it through the internet) so it will not be that cold anyway. but yesterday was the first time ever in malaysia when my shoulders started to feel pain again. it tend to worsen in cold weather and it caused me many sleepless nights previously for having such pain and i thought it wont bother me again after i came back to malaysia for good. but now it came again and makes me wonder whether i should get it checked. hmm i dont think there's a need for that, the pain would usually go away when i take nsaids and would not usually occur when i'm not cold, and as long as i dont put heavy weights on the shoulders. so, as long as i have enough supply of nsaids and take it prn and not regularly, and then wrap myself appropriately during cold times, i should be ok la kan. but if this shoulder pain does not go away by next week, then i'll go and see someone.

my car is not well again. sigh. second hand car, so i'm not going to complain much. will call the mechanics tomoro and hope they can come and fix the car. and this all happens when my fortnightly groceries shopping is due, like, last week. so lets hope and pray the car is fixed and well by this weekend.

one of the first thing that i plan to do right after the wedding is to get my hair cut. the main reason i keep my hair long for all these while was because of my dream to become a bride with long hair (dont ask me why, or how, i just do). but at the same time i do love having a long hair, i think it suits the shape of my face and it also makes me feels more feminine. but now since i'm wearing scarf properly, it is hard to cover my head and at the same time keep a long, healthy hair underneath. i know it shouldnt be a problem, but i havent worn the scarf for sometime, plus i suffer from eczema and used to have eczematous lesions on my scalp before, so this new adaptation is a bit difficult, and having a short hair would definitely help a lot.

but then someone asked me to not cut my hair and that he prefers to have it long. actually, i myself do not have the heart to cut my hair short, to tell you truth. i just love my long, rebonded hair haha. it's one of the not-so-many things that i like about myself, so i think, and i should, and i want to keep it long. and i will also try my hardest to keep it as healthy as i can. i found it quite disturbing to find girls/women who wear such perfect, ironed, well-matching scarf, just to find that their hair are dirty and unkempt, it was as if they use the scarf to hide their bad sides. agak benci gak la to these people huh. at least try la to keep it clean la. i bet if they dont wear the scarf they would keep their hair as neat and clean as their exterior clothes etc.

anyway, currently i'm using one of the mildest shampoo out there ie johnson & johnson's baby shampoo and alhamdullillah it suits my scalp. every now and then when i got flare-ups from the eczema, i'll use sebamed baby shampoo and aqueous cream, and that should get rid of the eczematous lesions. and i will keep in rebonded as long as i can, and i'm not ashamed to admit that my hair is, in fact, rebonded. and for that reason i also use hair serum everyday, in minimal amount, to protect my hair. so far so good, i've been wearing scarf for the last 6 months and my hair is as healthy as i would like it to be. alhamdullillah, i guess if your niat is good, Allah will find a way to get it all possible :)