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finally i have some time to update this blog.

dont know actually what to write eh haha

i'm so tired at the moment. need to catch up with my sleep. guess that have to wait til weekend. last saturday was the second in a row that i had oncalls on a weekend day. damn how tired it was. with the reading load getting higher and higher each day. am hoping to cover it all by next week. as if haha. but no matter what happen, i still have to finish it all by then.

by this time next week i'll be in kuantan! weee! i hope the journey will be safe and sound, insyaAllah. but i wont be driving alone like i planned before. azali's parents gonna convoy with me to kuantan. they want to accompany me and make sure i arrive safely. they also want to meet my parents and discuss about the wedding. since the beginning me and azali seldom involve our parents up til the end. we made most of the decision ourselves and most of the time our parents will comply. somehow my mum can sense this so she warned me awal2 lagi to at least tell her about our plan to get wed at least 3 months earlier. and i did exactly that. but knowing azali, i know he, for some reason, doesnt like to tell and involve his family up to the very very end. like what happen during our engagement, my family knew about it about a month before, while his family was only being told by azali only 1 week b4! so typical of him huh. so this time, i took the matter on my own hands and was in touch with his family from the beginning. and i know his parents were glad to be involved.

reading one of my friend's blog made me smile. she wrote about wedding rings, and made me think of my own chosen wedding ring. it was already been bought about 2 months ago. initially i thought of not having a wedding ring for the batal air sembahyang ceremony, maybe a bracelet of some sort. firstly becos i wasnt sure about the type and cut of the ring that i want for my wedding. secondly, i had already received my dream ring for my engagement. but i always know that if i would have one, i would like a different one, ie not a typical wedding ring.

then one day i accompanied my mum to one of her favourite place, habib ampang point to do her usual thing (dont ask me what). then i saw this ring. and it did speak to me! (it didnt sing 'i'm yours' unfortunately, as i hadnt heard of that song yet at that time, but i'm certain if i had knew it at that time, the ring would most certainly sang to me hihi). i had a very strong feeling on that ring, and i wasnt sure what. it said that it should belong to me, and that it should be mine. funny eh? and when i tried it, it fits so well! as if it was meant to be mine. of course i couldnt buy it there and then, must ask mr fiance first maa, as this wedding is not going to be mine alone.

so i asked the habib people to keep it for me first, and i went back and asked azali. that night he said altho it's a gift from him to me, i'm the one who's going to wear the ring, and as long as i'm happy with it, he'll be happy too. that's my azali to you! haha of course being typical azali, he also told me that he actually doesnt like accompany me shopping for our wedding stuff, if he could help it, knowing how fussy i can be. and he said he trusts my choice, so as long as i had looked around and made my choice and dont regret it later, it would be fine for him too. that is TOTALLY fine with me, cos i KNOW i can be fussy and difficult to handle when it comes to buying (all) my stuff. so i bought the ring, along with it's set pendant, a few days after that. that's one of the many things i like about my azali, he knows i like to make my own choices altho i would like to hear his opinion, we accept each other as we are and we complete each other ;)

ok imagine if i was this typical malay girl who is sensitive when it goes to going shopping alone. you know, those girls who never go out alone, mesti ade org yg kwnkan, do this together, do that together. then i'll be totally sedih sampai nangis2 (ok i'm exaggerating here haha) cos kene pegie cari brg kawin sorang2, sampai hati my fiance tak kwnkan, it's going to be our wedding afterall. so kan susah if dpt org like azali who doesnt care about this shopping2 thingy and is not very emotional in most of things in life?

then imagine if azali if a guy who thinks that he is THE man, everything must be done according to his way, must get his permission, everything must be done through him. and there are a lot of guys like this out there, especially malay guys who like to think that they are in control, and like to be informed in many ways. so kan susah if dpt girl like me, who has a mind of her own, who knows what she wants, and doesnt like to be ordered around, knows to make her mind up and is independent in many ways?

dont get me wrong, those people that i've mentioned above are not bad people. they are just the variation of people out there, and they will indeed suit and meant for some other girls and guys out there, but they aint for me haha.

so both of us do complement each other. i'm always like this, and he's always like that, and we dont try to change one another. of course la none of us are perfect, and we do remind each other about our mistakes and try to improve ourselves in many ways. and we do have our ups and downs, no two humans are the same, and we are still together after all these years, and just thinking about him makes me smile, everytime. i dont know anything about soulmates, those were created by some poets i guess, but i do know that this is the guy that i want to spend the rest of my life with :)

ok you can stop muntah hijau now hehe

anyway, so there it is. my wedding ring. almost everyone was surprised with my choice, it isnt a typical wedding ring. first thing that azali said when he saw the ring was 'mcm gula2!!'. hehe. my aunties were left speechless. seriously speechless. and being typical me, i dont (want to hear and) care what other people say, cos i know it's my choice and i like it so much. so typical of me ;p. so who said i'm unpredictable?


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owh izzit me, izzit me? *getik* weh weh!! jom la jenjalan kl