merdeka weekend

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happy ramadan :)

i wonder how fasting in malaysia would be like? i've been abroad for quite some time and i'm curious about the local environment. cant wait for the pasar ramadan ;) bet i'll be spoilt of choices! for sure my badan will be lembik punye, i had not fasted from 5am to 7pm-ish, in a hot and dry weather for the last 7 years, yet i'm certain i'll be ok. bet i'll be like those budak2 yg first time puasa, nampak lembik semacam, then buy lots and lots of food, and counting every second for the time to buka posa!

one thing for sure: i will bangun sahur every morning :p

am alone at the moment. both of my roomates had gone back home for the long merdeka weekend. me, on the other hand, will be going home next weekend to buka puasa with my family at kl. so i'm alone this weekend. initially only one of my roomates planned to go back, then on the last day, my other roomate managed to get a ticket to go back to her hometown at temerloh. i was surprised and panicked, as i had not set up my mind about being alone for the weekend (sooo typical of me.. hehe). so that night i spent some time browsing the net on where i can go for the weekend. i managed to assemble a few plans; from simple short day-trips, to ambitious trips to various holiday islands located nearby. i felt very adventurous, and i know it was do-able, and i was very excited about it, until i texted my sister and she texted me back 'tapi kelakar la ko nak g sorang2.. x penah dibuat orang daa..'. honestly, it felt as if like someone puncture a well-inflated balloon.

come to think of it, it WAS a rather ambitious plan. but it was do-able! i know i can do it, i already have all the plans in my head. but then again, it was also an impulsive thing to do. certain things are better with a proper plan. plus i wasnt sure about my safety. it's true what my sis told me, malaysian people almost never travel alone, but i wasnt sure whether it was because of the fear of own safety, or to budget the trip (as more people travel - cheaper), or because malaysian is such a community people who likes gatherings and to get to know each other aka not private people like, for example, the british.

i'm used to travel alone in the uk, and it was PERFECTLY fine, in term of safety and also it was acceptable (in the community) to travel alone. so i was sooo shocked when i know this one girl here who is scared to taking the lrt at kl (??!!). if it was because of previous bad experience ke, i can understand la, but then this girl is afraid of taking the lrt because she never take one (??). lagi la pelik kan? and almost everyone in my group were amazed when i told them that i drove alone for 5 hours from kuantan to this uni. honestly, i found nothing unusual in that statement. i (who have a valid driving licence) drove a car (my own legal car) alone (since no one need a lift from kuantan) from point A to B (ie from my house to the uni) for a certain amount of time (in my case - 5 hours). perfectly normal, right?

i'm not sure how will the response be like if i told them that i'll be travelling alone by flight next weekend and will reach kl at almost midnight. terkejut beruk kot. and yeah, i also know a girl here who is scared of taking flight because... she never take one. i did ask her why not try one cos you'll never know what it will feel like unless you try it, and she said she didnt want to. i found all these very amusing.

ok, back to the initial topic. so i'm currently alone in my room. decided to abandon my travel plans (huhu) when i realise about the workload that i have for the weekend. and today it turned out to be ok. morning was spent with the laundry and i did some reading. afternoon - study group. late afternoon - pasar malam with study groupmate. tonight - movie 'hancock' dvd. tomorrow morning - prepare presentation. afternoon - go to the ward to take some pictures for the presentation. night - another movie nite (or maybe go to the ward for an optional oncall? hmm we'll see). sunday ie merdeka day - more reading, tidying my notes and prepare for monday. sunday nite - terawih (providing puasa is monday). so at the end, it turns out to be ok.

alone in the room is not a bad idea actually. i can do whatever i want, just wear ______ (fill up the blank yourself :p hehe) in the room with no one to bother, sleep and eat anytime i want (well i can do this even if dear roomates are here), no que at the toilet or at the laundrette. plus i got my turtles to accompany me :). and i even have my car to drive out to town or to anywhere i want, anytime i want. so it's actually ok to spend the weekend alone. plus i got to do some reading in a peace and quite environment, so it's great actually :)

oklah. better start the movie now. have a nice weekend :)

ps/ dah tempah wedding card! and guess what? it's black in colour =D with some cartoons in front =D i designed it myself (well got the idea from an envelope). scared to imagine how my mum will react when she sees the card.. unimaginable! hehe i got my revenge HA HA HA