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7/31/2008 02:31:00 AM 1 Comment »

weekend is coming! weee! as much as i like my time in the hospital and all the new things that i learn during the weekdays, weekend is very much welcome nevertheless. i'm hoping, really hoping to get my car this afternoon, it's been at the mechanics for a few days now, so that i can go to town and get some serious retail therapy! just kidding maa. i'm serious about going to the mall tonight, but not for retail therapy :( this wedding thing has cost me a lot, and the new life here also makan duit juge. i hope my financial state will be better and well-balanced, at least after the wedding in october.

yup, the wedding will, hopefully, be on october. 25th of october to be more precised. so you people out there, if there is any la, keep yourself available that day and come to kuantan for my wedding :) yup the wedding will be in kuantan, and, hopefully, it will be a small but nice event. i said 'hopefully' because i know my family well enough haha. my mother especially. for some reason her definition of the word 'simple' is different from everybody else haha. like my dream wedding will be like really small, with just me and the guy who i'm going to get married to, my family, his family, kadi, 2 saksi and less then 10 guests. and of course me wearing a very nice dress, with very nice make-up haha. so obviously that is impossible, at least in my family la. you should have seen the scale of my sister and brothers' weddings haha.

so i already know that i couldnt possibly have my dream wedding, well at least not entirely la. now we got a pelamin, bilik pengantin, AND makan beradab. never occur in my mind at all to have that latter part. and there will be, not one, not two, but 3 khemahs outside the house, but i think mama gave a very obvious hint last week that she would like the 4th khemah. god knows what will be added further when the event is getting closer. but at least i got my dream wedding dresses :D. i chose the colour myself :) chose the material myself :) chose the designer myself :) chose the make-up artist myself :) and for me, that are the most important hihi. and i chose the bridal boutique myself, design the pelamin myself, chose the bunga telor, bunga pahar and bunga dulang myself, create the hantarans myself. i even got to choose the type of chairs they gonna use for the event :) so basically i do have my dream wedding :D it's just in a larger scale haha.

enough about wedding. think i'll get some nap haha. of course with a huge smile on my face, thinking of the new wedding dresses that i'm going to get in 2 weeks time :D hopefully it'll be ready at that time :) self-note: remember to call the bridal boutique, the dress-maker at kuantan and ampang, the baju melayu maker at kl, before the uni holiday break in a week time. and yeah, the wedding card people. i need an organiser!


Ellina said...

hey babe, jom jom aku teman ko gi tgk movie bila ko dtg kl ek? any movie (porn je tanak hihi)- my treat. ;)