no mood

8/23/2008 03:45:00 AM 0 Comments »

not in the mood to blog actually, but going to do it anyway since i've got some time to spare.

the campus is having its open day, otherwise known as 'hari terbuka desa' or 'expocampus'. it is a 3-day event, with lots of stalls around the campus. it is not as big as i though it would be, but here being a branch campus and located quite far away from the main uni campus, it is understandable. bought a few things like t-shirts and key-chains, mainly to help fellow first years friends with their stalls, and i also adopted.... a pair of turtles! hehe it was quite an impulsive thing to do, i know. among one of the sections in the expocampus is the 'flora & fauna show' and i went to one of the stalls just to look around. they have various kind of fishes like ikan laga and ikan gapi, and then i saw those turtles! so cute! they look at me and said 'adopt me! i'm yours!' (ok ok i was imagining here hehe). so i bought a pair of them, along with it's bekas and food. they're now formally known as kenshin and kaoru (from samurai x, if anyone was wondering..) and yup, they're a pair!

besides that, nothing special was going on. enjoyed the company, got myself some henna, ate lots of food, missed to go to the haunted house as none of my friends wanted to go there huh, and got my beloved ellyz washed at one of the stalls that provided carwash services. i was planning to buy a ophthalmoscope/otoscope there but they turned out to be quite pricey (rm900!). think i'll survey at kl first to see if i can get it cheaper. i will only need it this november.

still havent sort out the wedding card. ellina suggested me to order online, and i have browsed around but couldnt find the card design that i wanted. i know! i'm fussy hehe. but things are not proceeding as smooth as what i would like it to be. just wish that my family would stop protruding and interfering with our affair. we are the one who're getting married, for god sake.

this is what made me misrable this weekend.


think i'll take the car and drive around. moody moody. on second thought, dont think it is a good idea. driving can make me angry too. damn those rude and impatient drivers! think i'll play with the turtles first before deciding on what to do next.

angry weekend :(