midnite rumbling

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was just about to change this blog's template, but then, nah. cant be bothered to do it. it will, at least, take me half a day to complete it all. am a bit (very) slow with computers. tau takpe haha. maybe i'll change it some other day.

bosan katak. malam minggu. got nothing planned. altho got lots to do. you know - cant-be-bothered-with-anything kind of phase. i know i know.. i should at least try to finish that long-overdue tutorial exercise. but what in the f*** would i need to know about the pathophysiology of bla di bla?? that is so damn long time ago i doubt if the knowledge is still there in my head. if there is pun, it must be somewhere at the very back shelf, gile habuk berkilo2 sampai it's unrecognisable. sigh..


one thing i realised recently when i browsed through friends and acquitances' blogs is that some of it are really really good. some people can really write. i'm totally amazed with these people who can write high standard writing. i really wish i can write like that, tho the truth mine is nooo way near theirs huhu. i'm not talking about entries by those who writes for a living, but these bloggers are everyday people - housewifes, chefs, accountants, artists.

one of the main reason why i blog is to improve my writing (other reason is for my emotional well-being haha). i know my writing is nowhere perfect, with grammatical errors here and there, but at least now i can write anytime i want and i can almost type instantenously and spontaneously on whatever topic i want to write. it used to be so much worse. before it took me several hours just to post an entry, with so much editing had to be done. but now i can just spend several minutes, during lunch time or so, to prepare an entry. so i'm kind of happy, and proud, to have this blog, for it has a positive effect on me, and not just a field where i can let out my thoughts and emotions.

however since i came here, i realise that the environment here is somewhat different. quite different actually. no one actually care to read english newspapers. or at least care to browse to http://www.thesun.com.my/, or http://www.metro.co.uk/ ke? no one talks or writes in english. only those who want to show-off haha me being one. cos i know if i dont do it now, i will soon lose the ability to do so. seriously. and it was such a frustation to talk to your colleagues about english movies and celebrities, let alone what's been happening to the outside world? all they know is fasha sanda and erra fazira, and movies like ayat-ayat cinta and kl drift. they dont even know who is heath ledger (bless his soul) or edward norton. but of course they know about the anwar's trial, but dont know about today's beijing olympics opening ceremony? i remembered this one time i asked one of my classmates at mrsm taiping whether she knew obiwan kenobi. guess you already know the answer. THE obiwan kenobi pun tak kenal, when the rest of world, at least, heard about him? wanna bet if ipta students nowadays know about obama if i ask them?

enough with the rumbling. i'm grateful with the existance of the internet, and i'm glad with the several years of experience living at the outside world - it makes me open my eyes and realise that the world doesnt evolve around, er, malaysia, and that there are many other things that are worth to think about, other than who won the latest akademi fantasia.

ok ok enough for today :p this is what will happen when you bosan katak malam minggu with nothing to do haha


DeLiRiuM said...

Who is Fasha Sanda? :P