next weekend plan ;p hehehe

8/31/2008 03:28:00 AM 3 Comments »
selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan ke 51. wish i was at ampang to enjoy the fireworks..

selamat berpuasa too :) mr fiance called me this morning to ask whether it's already puasa today. he misunderstood the text that i sent him last night when i wished him 'selamat berpuasa'. anyway, mr fiance is quite moody lately. maybe because he's not well, sian dia kene hujan a few days ago, and now he's got a fever. according to the doc, it was his tonsils that caused it. so rest well ok dear :)

i'm going back to kl this wednesday and guess what? no one at home. so typical of my family. always on the move. when azali's family came by a few weeks ago, i had to actually set an appointment for dad to be there at home. punyelah nomad nyer lifestyle. mum is , as usual, always go wherever dad goes. it is always been like that. so this time, they'll be in kuantan first before coming down to kl on friday afternoon. so what will i do, being left alone, in kl? PLENTY HA HA.

first, i need to go to ampang point for the second fitting of my wedding dress. hopefully, HOPEFULLY, it will fit this time and turn out very nice. then at the same place, i need to repair some brooches. then i need to find a cobbler to fix my shoes. then i need to go to jalan tar to tempah my other wedding shoes, this time for the reception at azali's place. i'm going to wear a songket bunga tabur kaler dark greenish blue, and it's impossible to find a pair of shoes with that colour to match so that's why i need to tempah. apparently there's no place in kuantan that's offer shoe-making service. so that's why i need to go to jalan tar. then after all that, i'll go to pavillion to watch some movies, courtesy of kak lysa's gsc movie vouchers that i received for my birthday presents. then i'll be meeting azali to buka puasa together, not sure where yet. then i'll be going back to an empty house huhu. wish that someone can accompany me that night :p. then sahur sorang2 huhu

the next day: meeting ellina! i'll be meeting her during lunch time, i'm sure we got lots of things to talk about, but not sure where to go since we cannot have lunch. then mum, dad, meda and sweety lil maisarah will be back by then! jiman too from butterworth. iwan too from utp. that night we're going to buka posa together, along with kak lysa and hubby, at a place called crown princess. i'm not sure where, but i dont care, as long as the food is good!

saturday is lepak2 day before coming back to the uni, for another 3 weeks before raya holiday! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

on a different note, i'm now more confident with my driving. i've been driving a lot these days, to get to know this place. i've been lost several times haha, but my prinsip is to carry maps all the time, and never scared to stop and ask for direction, and always read direction carefully, and never scared to patah balik! hehe. one of my friends needs a lift to go back to kuantan this raya holiday, so i'll be having some company then. good good.

just realise something. i'll be going back next weekend. then there'll be 3 more weeks before raya. then after raya, there'll be 3 more weeks before the wedding. arghhhhh! cuak jap gagagagaga


alexandra said...

ellyz..zeihan here, came across ur blog on my search for college frens that i havent seen for so long! hope u dont mind me bumping across ur site, and on that note, congrats on your wedding! azali the college mate kan? send my well wishes to him too. Where r u based at now? I didnt realise ur already back in Malaysia, keep in touch and my email is u ever come here for hosl ke, honeymoon ke, do drop by ok? xx

adi said...

elly selamat!!!! ADI MD SHAH di sini!! akhirnya aku terjumpa la jugak blog kau nih, rupanya masih aktif pakai blog yer?
Eh kau dah nak kawin dah ke? Aku dah lama kawin itu hari bulan 12 2007....skrang Amai dah pregnant, baby girl....aku punyer kesudahan dunia medic aku berakhir sejak Nov 07 dan aku tak keje doktor...aku keje jadik research assistant instead! kau amcam?

nadia said...

hi...saya nadia.nak tanya akak tempah kasut kat jalan tar tu kat mana? i mean nama kedai...coz kaki saya kecik saiz 3 je....susah la nak cr kasut ..kena tak tau katne