sleepy head

8/08/2008 05:02:00 AM 0 Comments »
gosh how time flies.. it's friday already. weee no weekend oncall! time to finish my readings :)

actually got nothing to write. life's the same here everyday. but i dont mind routines. help me to be organised.

gosh i really got nothing to write. think i'll take a short nap before hitting the books again.

btw, this is my niece, maisarah. i miss her like crazy huhu. she's so adorable. she just had her 1st birthday last month, on the 20th of july. her mum, ie my sis-in-law threw a small birthday party but i couldnt make it :( cant wait to go home next week. maisarah jgn lupe acik nina ye :)

the panda bag and panda teddy atuk ie my dad bought from beijing. see how she loves them!

heard that she can walk now. and her hair is longer now. cant wait to see her!