birthday and wedding

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had some rough days lately. today's the worst. altho i've already anticipated this, but when it happens for real, man it sucks. guess i have to follow what my horoscope told me today - 'you may have to don a tough skin today, dear leo...' haha


on a brighter note, it was my birthday yesterday. so happy birthday to me :) thanks for the text messages, they really brighten my already gloomy day yesterday. as usual, like years previously, i spent it with.... a big, fat, juicy slice of chocolate cheesecake haha. lucky they got secret recipe here, their choc cheesecake is not bad but i do miss M&S belgian choc cheesecake. heaven! this year i almost forgot about my birthday until i received the text messages wishing me happy birthdays. that was how rough these past few days were.

anyway, nothing special for me this year. i've already received some advanced birthday presents from my family. my sis gave me 10 GSC movie ticket vouchers; she knows how kemaruk i am to watch movies haha. mama gave me some cash to do some facials, think i'll do it this weekend, just found a leonard drake's branch saloon over at this town. my sis-in-law gave me some really lovely brooches, so colourful i think it can match my wedding ring :p. still waiting for some more presents from mr fiance, but i guess this year he's a bit kopak from all the wedding preparation, so i guess i'm not receiving anything this year huhu. nevermind, think i'll regard the wedding ring and it's lovely pendant as birthday presents :)

about my trip back home, it was short and packed.

day 0 - finished class at 7pm (!). ellyz (my car - yes it's a girl and it has a name that i dah cap mohor kat bontot kanan die hehe) decided to meragam and wouldnt start. second hand car... what can i expect? after mr oh-so-hensem-and-cool mechanic helped to jump-start the car, off i went to azali's parents house. arrived there at 10pm, almost cried while driving becos it was raining heavily, with strong wind, plus i'm not used to drive alone at night, where i couldnt see properly.

day 1 - left to kuantan, convoying with azali's parents, aunt and uncle. azali's mum accompanied me driving. she was a good company :) we discussed some really interesting topics, especially regarding mr fiance hehe. arrived kuantan at 1pm, mama prepared some lunch, and being a typical jawa, food always comes first before anything else :p. then the serious org2 tua punya discussion regarding the wedding. so it's confirmed, insyaallah, to be on the 25th of october, with azali's reception a week after that. they also discussed about the hantaran and azali's mum explained about the typical kelantanese hantaran (pulut semangat anyone?). i dont think jawa people got anything specific to be put on the dulang hantaran huh. after discussion, they left back at 3 something and i then sorted out my room. dad said i cant drive to kl cos he wanted the car to be checked thoroughly. typical mum got bored with second hand cars (dad got 4 at home) and begged dad to get me a viva. dad acted as if he didnt hear a word mum said haha. i love my car a lot and felt a bond between us (seriously! hehe) but she is just quite unreliable..

day 2 - i followed dad to kl for a day trip. he had a meeting in kl, so i ikut sekali. i met maisarah! she's so so adorable. dah boleh jalan dah :) and her hair is definitely longer and more feminine now. went to see one of the tailor who made my wedding dress at ampang point. it was supposed to be a fitting session, but the dress was so loose they decided to take another measurement and remake the dress :(. had lunch with azali and kak lysa at klcc. went back home to kuantan with dad and driver at 5pm. it was quite emotional to part with maisarah huhu

day 3 - car day. sent it the mechanics, the car electrical people and the car accesories people. finished late afternoon, then rushed to see the second tailor who made my baju nikah and other wedding dress. longgar jugak. but it was alterable and due to be done the next day. had dinner with parents at kuantan and yours truly ate 25 cucuk sate cos she's bengang hilang 5kg and baju2 wedding semue kene alter haha

day 4 - time spent with parents. breakfast with mama and we bought almost 4kg of pulasan and ate together at home and abis licin semua in one go haha. afternoon - car tutorial with dad. he likes second hand car so much, he loves it even more when there is someone there listening to all the things he wants to say about cars :p. then pie amik baju that was promised yesterday - but mama x puas hati and so i had to send it back to the tailor. mama said tak kemas and scolded me for not sending it to the tailor at ampang point. i said the ampang point tailor's fee can get more than 10 dresses made by the kuantan tailor's fee, and who's going to pay for that? so no completed wedding dress for me, yet :(. another bad news: bunga telor people was so busy he couldnt find a time to see me to show the bunga telor sample. i was pissed off but nothing could be done. he promised to post it to my place at the uni after the weekend. he better be!

day 5 - drive back to uni, 5 hours, alone. parents went to kl for a myanmar trip the next day. super tired!

and the rough days started...

so sorry to ellina for not being able to meet you at kl as promised. next time mesti jumpe nyer ok!

well, look at the brighter side - i'm going back in 2 weeks time to buka posa with the whole family at ampang. iwan and everyone else will be in kl as well hehe. it's going to be a short weekend trip, but at least now i dont have to wait til the summer arrive, then the 12-hour flight to see my family again :)

now how can i find any wedding card people in this place? dont think they have any yellow pages here....


Ellina said...

how about order wedding card online?ada budak2 ncl yg nak kawen harituh tgk almost everything online. might be a little cheaper oso..hehe.

*ini bukan iklan* haha

makcik, take care. see you whenever ko kat kl okeh?