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2 nights in a row of oncalls.. on bulan puasa.. lembik..

got 10 more night oncalls in the next 2 weeks time.. before raya holiday.. i wonder if i need to spend raya here..

no mood for raya. too tired to think. am currently not happy with the situation at home. for the first time in my life, i dont want to go home. malas. better stay here with my turtles, my car, my teddy, my bed, myself. no need to hear that person bebel non-stop, nagging non-stop. malas.

but then i want to see beloved maisarah. her place in my heart is so special. love her too bits.

sigh. maybe i'm too tired. lack of sleep. serious lack of sleep. and i think i lost more weight. lack of appetite. so sad, cos i used to enjoy food a lot. i enjoy my food, i enjoy eating, i enjoy the feeling it gives me when i eat good food. but now food seems just like a necessity. something that i have to do to get enough energy to carry my daily routine. sigh.

anyway, i need to go. need to get my sleep. been standing for some time today. my heel and back hurt. need another ibuprofen again tonight i guess. and also i think i'll get some multivitamin tomoro. nighty night


kura2 said...

cheer up :D