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penat penat penat

oh ye, selamat berpuasa. here in the uk we started fasting since tuesday, a day earlier than malaysia. like what ellina said, kat cni cloudy semacam pun nampak anak bulan seh.. anyway, this year's puasa is slightly different compared to the past 5 years i'm here. we used to break our fast as early as half 3 in the afternoon due to winter time when the sun sets early, plus the winter time change. but this year, for the first time, ramadhan comes in early october, and the winter time change only take place at the end of october, which means that we dont have early buka posa. this year's ramadhan maghrib is around half 6. rase cam malaysia weh hehe. i know i know i shouldnt complain, but heck, with the 4th year classes are filled with gaps and finished early almost every day, one cannot help but to whinge a little hehe.

mari belajar mandarin. it was a very interesting class indeed. mandarin has 5 tones and the meaning of each word differs in different tone. for example, ma means mother, as well as horse. and it doesnt have any kind of alphabet what so ever; it has characters, and there are 5000++ characters. dont think i want to know all 5000 characters huh. vocab of the week:

xie xie - thank you
bu ke chi - your welcome
huan ing - welcome
huan ing lai dao ing guan - welkam to england (heheh poyo poyo)
heng hau - very good
ta chia - everybody
nu er - daughter
er zi - son
tui pu chi - sorry/excuse me
ching wu ern - excuse me, followed with question
peng iao - friend
xien sheng - husband/mr
tai tai - wife
di di - younger bro
ge ge - older bro (cool... didi and gege hehe)
mei mei - younger sis
jie jie - older sis

cukup aa tuh. wish i could demostrate my writing skill here hehe

enough with mandarin. today i work as usual. the workload was enormous! 6 hours of total concentration, no break what so ever (pekerja contoh ni huh hehe but i do take my job very seriously), yet i couldnt finish it all. sigh. the secretary who i share my office with even said not to push myself too hard, obviously the workload was too much for me to handle it alone. i was a bit frustated, i like to finish the work i started. she said that doesnt always happen in the real world. people like me tend to bring work to home, and that is not good. work will always come, and i'm paid by the hour, and i should take at least 1/2 hour break for a 6 hour work. dono la, maybe i'm not used to do paid work. all i know is that i want my rezeki to be halal, that's all. tak mo makan gaji buta.

ok, gtg. gonna watch Lost now in channel 4. tomoro's timetable is a bit full. c ya :)


Adam said...

Glad your page caught my eye. You have a great blog.