sleepy head

10/09/2005 11:29:00 PM 0 Comments »
kinda tired at the moment. no, i'm sleepy. stayed up after sahur this morning, to watch F1 live. it's japan's turn this weekend, and being in far east, it makes the live race at 5.20 this morning here in the uk. watched it til the end, and it was all worth every single second. it was one of the best race ever EVER!! seriously. got some accidents, and lots, lots and LOTS of passing manoveures. alonso was good. but raikonen is the best! he started at the 17th grid after having a bad qualifying due to heavy rain, plus 10 place penalty due to an engine change, but he managed to drive his car superbly and passed fisichella at the last lap and won!! what a race, what a race.

stayed up til 8, got a few hours of sleep before heading to tesco to buy some groceries. a bit sleepy, but it just that i got this couple of vouchers that expire today. great. bought some food and lots of junk food an hour later before heading home and cooked for buka posa. murah rezeki plak today, super duper thanks to kak dila (mu'azzah's sis) for the tastiest seri muka ever! can still imagine the faces of ct, ellina and shanti when they had the seri muka. sedap gila. and..and.. our thoughts were with nadine who buka posa sorang2 at carlisle, and..and..for seri muka being one of his fav kuih. teeheehee

yesterday was spent re-arranging my room. again. dah bosan nk mati, dono what to do. it was time well spent. i like it.

well, that's it. seriously i got to sleep now. tomoro is another monday. gonna finish at half 8, after the mandarin class. guess i have to break the fast at the uni. nite...