monday, tuesday: busy days -> do not disturb

10/11/2005 11:35:00 PM 0 Comments »
cant wait to play badminton tomoro! i've been waiting for this since last week when luke agreed to arrange a wednesday sport day for malaysian soc. hopefully there will be enough people turning up tomoro. badminton is the only sport that i play. i dont play volley, and i dont even know how many people in a team of netball. i started playing badminton since i was in standard 4, but only while i was in kmys i found a good playing partner to play it almost everyday.

there are 2 people who were responsible in getting me involve with this sport. liza, my badminton partner, and azali, well, my other half. i used to play badminton with liza consistently in kmys, and yes, she was a good partner. while, azali, on the other hand, never played badminton with me in kmys. he was the reason i first got involved with this sport. he used to play ping pong, and ping pong and badminton courts were at the same venue ie inside the multi-purpose hall in kmys. so, the reason i managed to drag my butt to go and play badminton almost every day was for me to see him. i liked to see and admire him from afar. hihi teenagers! things that we did to embarass ourselves :p

monday and tuesday are always, always busy. i mean, completely bz and tiring. monday's afternoon is always full, and i have my mandarin class that night too. cant complain much, the mandarin class is completely optional and unnecessary, and it was my choice to have it, so be it. 2 hours and a half of learning dozens of new words, new pronunciations that made my tongue curled like never before, and new characters to memorise. i know that learning a new language aint gonna be easy, so cant really complain much. i like the class and i think it is worth every single second and penny that i spend. went back home that night feeling super duper tired, got myself a pair of baggy eyes and slept like there is no tomoro. didnt even wake up for sahur. so, as predicted, i got super duper hungry and lethargic today.

today was another full day. finally my group got picked up for presentation. not that i like to, but every week we have to prepare a presentation for the whole batch and they will have like a draw to determine which 32 groups gonna present. i know we got to do it sooner or later, so better to get it over with asap. it wasnt great, but it wasnt bad either. discovered that dehydration makes you hard to pronounce words huh.

lucky i decided to pull out from the pilates class after realising that the mandarin class gonna take lots of my energy, and the fact that ellina changed her mind too on joining the class, and i dont want to attend alone. altho the mandarin class is just 2 and a half hour session every week, it's the mental consumption that takes lots of my energy. and who got to pay for my tiredness? my long suffering fiance. one thing i now know need to improve: never shout to your other half when you're tired. it's not good.

tomoro is my usual working day. the money is good, i just cant say no. fine. dont even try to argue with me. think i better sleep now if i want to wake up for sahur tonight. dammit, think i'm gonna get a cold. dammit, i have only 1 lemsip left. night..