yippee! new foundation!

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am so happy at the moment. got myself a new foundation. for those who dont know me, i dont like to wear anything on my face, mainly because i prioritise on having a clean and blemish-free face, and that is hard to have with make-ups, where you have to clean your face very thoroughly everytime after using them. i know you can have make-ups and blemish-free face at the same time, but my face is kinda hard to jaga. those who were with me in taiping or kmys can remember my old face, with its blemish, uneven pigmentation and the thing that i hate most, pores. i had pores as big as nostrils i tell you. now that i finally found skincare products that suit my skin, dermalogica, it really improves my skin, tighten pores and moisturise really well. t.h.a.n.k.y.o.u.e.l.l.i.n.a you are truely my sifu hihi.

back to my new foundation. went to fenwick after class this afternoon with ellina, i was initially looking for an eyeliner, saja suke2 cari, not that i wear one, then suddenly ellina mentioned about the importance of having a good foundation. then i looked myself in the mirror, gosh i looked super dull. i didnt have anything on my face, just some lipstick that i wore this morning. i wear lipstick cos my lips are lebam, something that i got from my mum, and there was once when a friend thought i was a smoker for having a lebam, dark lips. me? smoke? it was a total insult cos i hate smoking so very much, both personally and professionally (am a medic student, i know what smoking can cause your body and your future baby and to those who surround you). that's why i never leave the house without having my lipstick on, even to the laundrette, i always have some lipstick on. cos i hate people to think i'm a smoker.

fine, again, back to my new foundation. my face was so dull when i looked myself in the mirror. i've tried some face powder and foundation from lancome in the past, they have a really good texture, but i'm so obsessed on having a blemish-free face + i'm not very rajin to clean my face very thoroughly every night, so i very seldomly use them. then ellina mentioned about bobbi brown. i know they are very very good product. you see, i dont want to put make-ups to look pretty, but i dont want to look ugly. there is a definite difference between those two if you think hard enough.

so we went to bobbi brown in fenwick. the girl who did my face was so nice. i didnt even got her name, well, it is her job to treat customers nicely, but i like those who treat me well. i told her i want a very light powder/foundation for my face that i can use every day. i told her i dont like make-ups but i dont want to be ugly. she tried several different tones on my skin, before finally decided that moisture rich foundation spf15 warm natural 4.5 suits me. before this i only went to lancome, clinique or prescriptive counters to try their products but this was my first time ever using bobbi brown product. it has a very large range of colour tones for various skin tones, and i was sure she chose the right tone for me as the tone totally dissappeared when it applied on my face. that's what ellina told me about finding the right tone of foundation.

the girl also put some other stuff on my face as well; concealer under my eyes and some anti-shine, they sell this together in a very cute small case, some blusher that also can be use as eye-shadows (2-in-1 very cute case), mascara, and something that i never heard before, a powder eye-liner.

muahaha. as you can see, i'm not very (very) good in make-ups, my sifu is ellina, of course. and of course every girl wants to look nice (in my case i dont want to look ugly without make-ups). i was very satisfied with the end result, i wish i can buy them all, but i'm trying not to be greedy, so i only bought the foundation. it costed me 24 quids. damn. but i am satisfied. i want a foundation, and i got a really really good one.

now i hope i can wear this thing every day. the thing with me right, i'm not very particular and rajin to improve my face. i do like seeing people in make-ups cos they look nice, but not for me. when i read wirda's blog, i wish i can be as keen as her in make-ups. in cleaning, toning and moisturising my skin, yes i'm keen on doing that, i spend some money to get the best skincare that suits my skin, but when it comes on make-ups, i do own them, but i dont use them. they are not my priority. same with perfumes. i never finish using them, big or small bottles, they are left unfinished or even unused. as long as i'm clean and not smelly, tidy and well-presented, then i am fine. i'm comfortable being in the middle, or like what i like to refer to as being in the middle of a bell shape normal distribution. not ugly, not pretty, just normal, biasa2 je.

fine, enough about me. just want to tell you that now i'm working and earning my own money, i dont feel guilty on spending it, especially on the leisure stuff like a 24 pounds foundation. in fact it feels good to spend my money for myself. ok ok enough got to sleep now. i got a free day tomoro and guess what i intend to do? work extra hour maa, get more money to buy leisure stuff for myself and feels good about it hihihihi


Mz_tera said...

elly... nih kalau ko nak cheap aaa... tapi kat mesia aa nih... bebila ko balik mesia... sumer barang original... bestnye sebab ko pun suka mekap!!