la la la it's friday, nothing compulsary but i dont have any plan la la la

10/07/2005 01:21:00 PM 0 Comments »
cut my hair this morning. finally. it grew ridiculously long again and i had to tie my hair 24-7 and i knew i had to cut my hair. got myself some fringe, so that when i tie my hair next time, it wouldnt be that jendul.

i'm at med school at the moment. didnt have anything today actually, nothing compulsary. just had a talk about the new base unit application. another hassle. and in 2 hours time there will be group presentation, not my group, so it's not compulsary since we already did the case study the whole week. should i go home? and do what? bosan bosan. maybe i should call ellina. she might be bz. it surprised me when she told me that her timetable this year is busier than mine. i think it's true. well, she's 5th year archi, doing her second degree aka master, so expectedly she is busier than me. since bulan posa, cant go lunch with her.

talked to mama last nite. again, she is such a good conversationer. no surprise that most of my cousins like to talk to her. she's warm, and cool as well. she's stylish, neat, like to wear sport shoes, crazy of nike, plays good bowling and loves going to cinemas. i can tell her everything, from my first crush to personal stuff. but she's a bit panicky. but she's cool. i talked to azali too last night, havent talked to him properly for a week. he's alright. hope to see him soon.

not sure what else to write. havent got time to watch naruto anime, i downloaded the recent 5 series. i have time, but i want to spend good quality time watching stuff that i like. ok, think i'll go to library. if i can stand being there for 1 and a half hour, i'll go to the 3 o'clock presentation. if not, i'll be on my bed, enjoying 5 series of naruto. have a nice weekend ;)