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finally i managed to finish one of my many room projects. as you can see, the left frame hold pictures of my friends, here in newcastle, glasgow and malaysia. while the right frame are pictures of my family and azali. nice..

million memories..

i also bought a whiteboard that i longed to have last week. i'm not very organised, i cant even use an organiser, but i'm trying hard to organise my life, so what is better than a whiteboard to write on all my appointments, routines and tasks? nice..

i think the final stage of completing my room is over. i'm satisfied with my room, the furniture's arrangements and the decorations and accesories. the heater is now fully accesible for the upcoming of winter. the tv is exactly next to my bed. the study desk is in front of the window and next to the book shelf and next to my bed. neat..

it has been a busy and tiring week. was so happy and enthusiastic on playing badminton on wednesday. best! then the next day my body had to pay the price. then it got much worse on friday. my body ached like never before, it was much much worse compared to when i jogged. my right hip was the worst, i climbed up and down the stairs like an 80-year-old. my old fragile left shoulder that caused me lots of pain in the past was also affected. shanti was right. the 2nd day was the worst. it improved a lot on saturday. i went to work on saturday, did some extra hour work, to pay for my new coat.

yup, i bought a new coat. it's so beautiful. but still i felt so much guilty, i couldnt even sleep on the night after i bought that coat. the thing is, i already have lots, i mean, LOTS, of coats AND jackets. a few of black, dark cholcolate, light chocolate, cream, blue. knee length, halfway knee to thigh length, thigh length, waist length, belts and buckles, no belts and buckles. LOADS. the new coat is grey and it's military style. there are buckles at the neck and on each wrists. zips and buttons. it's super gorgeous. but it's pricey as well. it's not that i NEED a new coat to add to my 8+ existing coats. and 8+ jackets. i felt so guilty, but i'm in love as well. dilemma..

some random stuff to take my mind off that new coat:

the mandarin class is getting harder. there are homeworks as well. and i discovered my tongue can curl like i never thought it can.

finally F1 ends, at least for this season. woke up early this morning (6 o'clock!) to catch the final race in shanghai. renault won both the driver's and constructor's championship. although mclaren has the best driver AND cars, but they are not reliable. renault won because they have consistent performance, which is fundamental in the racing field. ferrari had a bad year and michael schumacher had the worst ever race in shanghai. there will be lots of changes next season, with the drivers shift to different teams, and 3 of the teams will no longer race. F1 is a good adrenaline sport that requires persistent accuracy and commitment, but it costs a lot. i hope next year will be a good year for F1, this year has seen lots of political and business involvement, F1 is a race of cars, so let it be a race of cars.

snooker season is back. good.

better off now. gonna upload all my coats and jackets pics at my fotopages. no, i'm not obsessed with my coats. my sister is going to china next month and it's gonna be super cold there, and she wants to borrow my coat for the trip, so i put pics of my coats in the net for her to view and choose which coat she wants. nice sister huh. i mean me tee hee hee