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finally got some time to update this blog. sound as if i was so busy, actually i wasnt that busy, just got occupied with tasks and routines. i'm waiting for ellina now at the old library cluster, she wants me to take some pics of her at the king's walk near student union. you better be here in 1/2 an hour ellina, cos i got some lectures in 50 minutes time.

weekend was full. saturday i attended a wedding of an old friend, she was my flatmates during my 1st and 2 years. it was the my first non-malay wedding. she got married in a church, sweet and simple. wish siaw yien and eric the very best in life.

after that me and ellina rushed to bella grove for malaysian soc's agm. we arrived an hour late, but it was good to see some familiar faces. the meeting finished at 3ish, and we rushed home to prepare ourselves for the night outing. me, ellina, ct, yus and nadine planned to buka posa at a mongolian restaurant near quayside. it's a nice, posh place, in my opinion, and kinda expensive too. takpe la, sesekali. they have chinese and mongolian buffet, and they said the chicken and beef part are halal. nice! imagine having chicken lemon, black pepper beef and all kind of chinese cooking food, best giler! and the mongolian buffet serves lots, lots and lots of seafood, big prawns, mussles, sotong, and they even got shark steak! i never taste any shark steak before. best gile. makan byk gile. it's worth the 13.50 pounds i paid. maybe i cant go every month, again, se-sekali boleh la ;)

me with the lawa-est girl in my life. think i puji her like 10 times that night hihi so beautiful. can drool over her anytime hihi jgn mare cik ct just kidding. we were standing at the hall, waiting for the guys, nadine and yus to prepare themselves (gile lame bersiap kalahkan pompuan betul). can see me with my new coat, and my curls, susah woo nk curl rambut besar2. took me 1hr ++ to do that hair.

and on sunday i decided to invite some new students to buka posa at my house. so, i spent the whole day, i mean, the whole day, cooking. usually ellina is my toyol, i.e. she does the potong2 basic nits and bits, but she wasnt feeling very well that day, + she got lots of coursework to do, so i cooked alone. started cooking at half 11, til half 5! i made nasi ayam, kuew teow goreng and kek pisang for 12 people. i used to cook for many people in the past, but i never cook alone, from scratch. i always have someone to help me. so this was my 1st experience. and you know what? i'm so loving it! cooking is my passion. i simply love to cook. just give me enough time, i can cook. and all 12 people came. i like this year's freshers. they seem like a bunch of nice people. mu'azzah came too, she and her sis treat me very well, and i treasure those who treat me well.

oklah, ellina's not here yet, maybe i should head to med school soon. still no news about my visa thingy, it's the 4th week now. cool elly, cool, dont panic. totally unsure about the trip back home this dec now. cant buy the ticket without the visa. and the flight ticket is getting more expensive each day. well, got something to cheer me up today, i got a raya card from my sis. it was nice of her. azali just posted some kuih raya to me yesterday, love you to bits! have a nice week, everyone :)