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nope, i didnt go to work on friday. i felt guilty (again) on spending my time other than studying, so i decided to spend friday in the library. managed to stay there for a few hours and finished all my homework and case studies. then i felt satisfied for putting my priority right. and i'm no longer feel guilty for working today as i've finished all my coursework. i spent about 3 hours working at my usual work place this morning. hehe more money to buy more make-ups! am trying to squeeze some money to buy bobbi-brown's 2-in-1 concealer and anti-shine powder hihi.

altho i havent been tagged, i still want to do it. so here goes:

Se7en things that (will) scare me:
1. cacing, pacat, ulat and everything that moves using bendalir dlm bdn..euww..
2. headless figure and all sort of things that are not from this world aka ghosts
3. really really big people. i’m scared of being crushed
4. die alone and no one found me, like, forever, with no grave
5. being left by my loved one. don’t leave me please, you know who you are huhu
6. what people might thought of me. too bloody concious, I am
7. if i fall and got lost track of my life, again

Se7en things I like the most:
1. my friends in newcastle. They rock!
2. chocolate. god bless those who invents chocolate..
3. money money money and of course the stuff that I can buy with it
4. being engaged to the guy who I truly loved
5. having a great family who I love the most
6. my two wrists. I think they are the best part of my body hihi
7. cooking is my passion

Se7en most important things in my room :
1. my beloved tv
2. my laptop
3. my bed
4. lipsticks
5. watch
6. collection of clothes
7. whiteboard aka organiser

Se7en random facts about me:
1. i’m obsessed with chinese. i straighten my hair, i love their food and i’m even learning mandarin.
2. i care more than what people think
3. i like beautiful girls. let me rephrase, i like to see beautiful girls. cos they are beautiful. i can give compliment to them anytime. i once wrote a poem to compliment the beauty of a girl i knew. wont tell you who and don’t tell me why
4. the heat centre of my body is at….the tip of my nose. seriously
5. left handed people amazed me
6. i cry everytime i watch ‘Deep Impact’
7. i like monkeys. i think they are cute

Se7en things I plan to do before I die:
1. go around the world. moscow is a must.
2. go to north pole with my dad
3. give birth to at least a pair of children
4. be a good muslimah, a loving wife and mother, basically be a better person
5. go to haji with my husband and his parents and my parents
6. go to disneyworld with my family
7. i want to build an elderly home (rumah org2 tua)

Se7en things I can do:
1. i can cook :)
2. i can travel alone and find my way
3. i can sew and do crosstitch
4. i can spend endless time with the elderly
5. i managed to beat depression. i hope.
6. i can walk, a lot. just give me a good pair of trainers, a bottle of water, a hat, warm clothing and some food, and i can walk anywhere, anytime
7. i can go shopping 7 days in a row hihi

Se7en things I can't do:
1. i can't save money. no talent whatsoever
2. i cant drive. it’s too much pressure and anxiety, i cant cope
3. i cant remain silent, unspoken for more than a day. i need to talk to somebody, or something
4. be patient. am inpatient in many ways
5. not talking to my mum in more than a week.
6. i cant stand people who provoke me. ade aa yg kene penampar
7. i cant make myself think that i’m attractive. it’s just a big definite no in my head, and those who tell me otherwise are just liars or blind.

Se7en words I say the most:
1. bloody hell. fav phrase at the moment. use more than 10 times in a day
2. what??
3. fuck
4. shit
5. whatever
6. hello..?
7. fine..!

Se7en celeb crushes:
1. orlando bloom
2. brad pitt
3. kelly brooks
4. bernard chandran
5. harry potter
6. cate blanchett
7. j-lo

Se7en people I'll love to see doing this:
1. ellina
2. nadine
3. wirda
4. ct
5. huda
6. liza
7. abah (??)

have a nice weekend.


LadyLazarus said...

SElamat Hari raya maaf zahir batin dear ex-housemate..