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saturday was a productive one. managed to talk to huda before i went to bed the night before. lega. baguslah she's safe and sound with nik in london. woke up the next morning to call sayang while i was still on the bed. heaven. i would love to hear his voice every morning, but i know it's not possible since he'll be at his work on weekdays by the time i woke up here. rindunye kat mamat tu... anyway lets not go there..

after that i sorted out my notes and filled up my organiser (dream on, you know you dont have an organiser cause you dont know how to use them + you are not organised yourself hehe) ok, ok, i printed out calendar from the net for the month june and july with some space for each day and filled it up with all my appointments, datelines etc. puas hati? (i'm talking to myself here..reminder: i do have 2 minds you know). then i managed to do this and that, filled up a few holes, set in my mind for the things that i have to do for june and july (gile pack, seriously). then bile penat, pie tgk tv sat. there wasnt anything on the tele so i decided to go to town (best nyer ade bus pass). went to whsmith to buy A4 notepad and i bought not one, not two, but 4 of them. lawa. tgh sale. i'm a bit fussy (you said wanting an A4 notepad which has ringbinds and hardcover is not fussy? hmm come to think of it..you are not that fussy huh).

well, i have a certain criteria for my stationery, like i prefer certain pens and pencils but that doesnt mean that i wont use other type of pens and pencils huh. so, these notepads from whsmith are really nice. it has macintosh design in front and it's on sale so i bought all 4 of them (do you have to buy 4 huh?) it reminds me of the day when i went to the body shop's factory outlet in north shields a few weeks ago. being in factory outlet, of course the stuff there are cheap compared to high street prices. i ended up buying 7 different shower creams; apple, peach, banana, raspberry, satsumas, lavender and my favourite, chocolate & orange (i still cant believe they HAVE this flavour..so i bought 2 hehe.. gile..choco & orange flavour??) gile best leh tukar2 flavour everyday.

anyway, back to present day, lepas beli notepads, me was like 'nk wat ape 4 200page notepads huh' so i went back home and watched F1 USA qualifying live at ITV2 (go raikonen go!) then i decided to make mee hokkien lepas baca nadine's blog ckp die makan mee hokkien kat malaysia (nak gak nak gak!) i heard about mee hokkien before but dont think i've tasted it so i was a bit frustated with the end result. it's either the cook book's recipe or dah mmg mee hokkien mmg taste macam tu, but i followed exactly like what in the cook book. anyway, since dah buat, makan je la (sorry yus!)

then i rearranged my room, again. it's just this one corner that i wasnt fully satisfied. an hour and a half later, with some numb wrist and back ache, i think i'm satisfied now. then yus plak in the mood to kemas.. the whole house! nadine's stuff were all over the house plus ellina's stuff in the store room, so yus thought it would be better to kemas the store room and put nadine's stuff inside as well, and to put the unused store room's single sofa into the living room, and put the unused double bed to ground floor for sadiq, the landlord, to pick it up on monday. dont forget to hoover the whole house as well. and we did that. bile dah abis, terus aa tido..penat. oh ye, me chatted with ellina b4 that. talking to 3 most fav people in 1 day? this is bonus, man.

woke up this morning with aches and pains all over my body. sayang called me (muehehe) and i know i'll be in good mood today. baru sedar i havent bath for 60 hours (oh no!) so i decided to use the bath tub. best best. me like bath tub. a lot. mandi 1 jam. tade org kat umah so bath tub to aku yg punyer yee haa. so at the moment i'm sitting in front of my laptop, eating toast with black coffee (decaf, of course) and trying to write my case report as well hihi. another 4 hours to go b4 F1 live (race day!). not sure what to cook. better ask yus ape die nk makan. i dont mind cooking but i hate making decision on what to cook. i hate making decision.

not bad for a home alone. ok ok back to work.