6/11/2005 11:16:00 PM 0 Comments »
no use of having a blog for it to be used as a place for someone to watch over me and then scold/tegur me later.

he knew me for 5 fucking years.

i'm still the same girl he falls in love with. i'm still wearing the same cloth and jeans, with glasses and sport shoes and sling bags.

dont think i can blog now. you know what, i think i'll create another blog just for my fucking self. 'oh no, i shouldnt swear'. fucking hell bullshit. i used to swear and burp in front of you and why should i not doing it now. little miss sweet nice ayu whatever, i am not.

really really hate it when someone doesnt trust me.

let me set this straight, once and for all:
takde sape nk tgk tunang ko kat sini. she is just a super simple plain girl, who honestly truly with all her heart, prefers to remain invisible, socially, physically, mentally whatever. she doesnt go out much, and people dont know her. seriously they dont know her. she likes to mind her own business, really really need to concentrate on her life to be on track again. she's not very good with words, not very good in pouring her heart out, but she knows she loves, and will always love, this one guy who is currently feeling rather insecure.

i'm truly, and will always be yours, sayang. you are the love of my life. no one can change that, hanya kuasa yg maha esa saja yg berupaya mengubahnya. you have no reason to doubt me.