sunday morning

6/05/2005 11:53:00 AM 0 Comments »

Shanti's birthday @Panis Cafe. from left: me, ct, yus, nadine, shanti. 31/5/05

look at those thighs...they're hugh..sigh..

anyway, a reminder to myself: tomoro's meeting at wallsend at 1pm. hope i dont forget huh. me dont have any organiser. kalau ade pun tara guna. me useless with organiser. maybe i should write it somewhere. so i write it here ;p

i'm kinda in a good mood at the mo. i know i can count on huda to uplift my mood. and ease my mind. and solve at least one of my worry. yup, that's huda! she gave me a very good idea/solution for my visa concern. me hepi hepi. that's one worry off my mind. now i can concentrate on other things, like, my study :) thanks huda, you're the best :)

talked to mama yesterday. she wasnt worry/concern at all for me not being able to go home this summer. nor did she worry about my visa and scholarship. well, that's mama. typical of her. this wasnt the first time. like me, she doesnt like to get involve. like me, she doesnt like hassle. i dont want her to get involve, i dont want any of her help; i just want her to be there. maybe i shouldnt have any expectation at all. disappointment with my own family; it's like being disappointed with myself. no, it's wrong to have disappointment with your own family, afterall, they are your own flesh and blood. fine.

ok ok, back to revision. maybe later today i go to town to buy some groceries. tesco's a nice place. except that it's kinda far at gateshead. me like to abuse my 57-quid-for-4-weeks-all-day-unlimited-travel bus pass ;)

'Ironically enough, your creative flair for joking and laughter may have succeeded in pushing people away from you instead of drawing people towards you, dear Leo. It could be that you have made negative off the cuff comments that you thought nothing of at the time, yet others have taken them quite seriously. You might want to be more aware of this tendency so that you don't end up outwardly offending the people around you.'

that's my horoscope for today. 'nice'