summer sale

6/26/2005 01:47:00 PM 0 Comments »
body shop is soo bagus! hihi. went to royal quays on saturday to buy my bro's stuff for his wedding (it's next june but i dont want to be a late organiser). dah la 50-60% off the high street prices, then got 3 for 2 for all gift packs, then they got 20% off somemore since i got the body shop card, then they gave me a gift pack worth 5quids since i've spent more than 20pounds. best best best best.

yup, you heard it right, i'm gonna be the organiser for my bro's wedding. well, one of the organiser. my mum couldnt be the organiser, she's far more anxious than i am, both me and my sis think mum couldnt stand all the pressure. and my sis doesnt like all this nits and bits, she's a career woman afterall. me on the other hand, would love to take the job! mum always said i belong to my dad's family, i like to sew, crossstich, cook, gubah bunga etc etc and of course i would love to organise a wedding! but there's one big fat problem - i'm 11,000km away from the venue itself. really wish i could be in malaysia and prepare the event. i know it's one year away, but since my family has never organised this kind of event before, and they dont know much about the actual tradition ('ape beza risik and tunang hah na?', 'berapa dulang pihak laki kene hanta huh?', 'what colour would you think the best for your bro?','ape hah mama nk pakai? brp hari hah event?'etc etc) so it would be a tough job, especially since we're not closed to our relatives. it's good that they plan to do it in kuantan, at least mama and abah got lots of friends who can help them. wa wa i wish to do all the hantaran, book the mak andam and pelamin, choose bunga telur, involve with the dress, design the bedroom etc.

anyway, back to present day. saturday was a bit weird. i woke up early to go to royal quays so that i can be back early and read some books after that. at about 6pm ish i felt so ever bored and went to watch the tv but there wasnt anything at all. at. all. then me and yus decided to get nad's dvds and we watched several movies (i choose! hihi). first we watched lion king (??) then the pirates of the carribean, then we watched the return of the king: the extended version. gile 4 hours for the last movie. but it was worth it. they cut lots of scene on the cinema version. anyway, i went to bed at 5am-ish (dah terang benderang kat luar) and woke up at noon and went straight to the bath tub and stayed there for an hour. haha.

missed the friday part. went to hosp later that day for some lectures and went straight to metro centre after that! sale sale! shopping shopping! i like the sale environment, not only for the reduced price, but also the people, the shops ie the 'sale environment' is different. this might sound weird; i hate crowds, but only in crowds that have familiar faces ie people that i know exist but dont know that well. but i like to mingle around crowds of strangers, these people i dont have the pressure to smile, to say hi, to be friendly. in a crowd of strangers, like in shopping malls, everyone is a stranger, so that's allrite for me. that's why i like the 'sale environment', cos there will be lots of people there that i can mingle around and all of them are strangers who i dont have to smile or say hi. why do i like to mingle around crowds of strangers? cos it makes me feel my existance in this world. haha weirdo

ok ok got to go. yus ajak pie town to buy some empty videotape to record OC for cik ct who is currently in jeddah with her parents. me? since i dont have any plan (what about your revision plan huh cik elly? muahihi jalan2 kejap je :P) so i decided to go to town as well. gonna write about my nine west shoes (!!) later hihi. me loving it!