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adoi...first time jatuh kerusi. tu aa sape suh pakai stokin dlm bilik, siap pakai fleece robe sekali, kan dah jatuh kerusi cos licin. felt kinda silly (adoi sakit bontot...)

anyway, it's friday! this week had been a hectic one, paeds is my last rotation and it's the busiest rotation ever! on-call every week including saturday, almost everday there are presentations or case reports to hand in and summer exams are just around the corner! stress stress. tarik nafas elly tarik nafas. anyway, i'm glad it's friday. all i need is to stay still and organise my schedule for the next few weeks till the exams in the middle of july. 4 weeks to go.

all of my housemates have gone home. me home alone. luckily it's summer; it only darkens at half 9. kul 4-5pg dah terang benderang. + i'm kinda busy pun so b4 i know it, they'll come home. i initially thought it's 3 weeks of me home alone, it turns out just 2 weeks. so that's good news. i can spend this 2 weeks just with myself :)

sayang has a blog! hihihi that's news. i've never thought he's a bloggie type of person. anyway, good that he has a blog and now i can know what's in his mind, especially since sayang is quite a quiet person who doesnt express himself much. looking forward for your next entry sayang!

(sorry for me keep refering my fiance as 'sayang', i do call him sayang when we talk, tho i'm a bit segan to refer him as 'sayang' in this blog, but i do sayang him very much, plus i watched 'sepet' and i think it's kinda sweet to call your beloved one as 'sayang', as long as it's not in front of other people and in a you-know-what tone and as long as it's not 'baby' cos he ain't your baby huh)

lots of emotions come and go for this past few days. yg peliknye, most of the events that cause my emotion's rollercoster has nothing to do with me. like the exams and the results, it wasnt my exams, it was my closed ones' exams. pelik ade, funny ade. i know i cant handle stress well, but to stress on other people's life events? dont have the answer for that. anyway, i received good and bad news. i'm happy for those who received good news but my heart goes for those who received bad news. i'm not good in showing that i care, but i do care for them, even to the one whom i've not spoken for a long time, i do feel like i want to go and see and hug her and tell her it's gonna be fine (ellina's reaction --> 'wtf?'). of course i didnt do that, as i'm not used in telling people that i really care. (leave it here ok? dont like people to know that i actually care huh). hope you guys are alright :)

huda, where are you? i'm a bit concerned. i think nik should now be with you, right? hope you are well, and do send me some news eh?

got my summer sort out. me got a full time job for the 4 weeks summer hols. 6pounds an hour. sorted.

i rearranged my room 2 weekends ago but i'm still not satisfied. it's just this one corner, it has unused space and i dont like it. will rearrange it again tomoro.

curse to ikea's weighing scale that i bought last week. it weighed me 5kg more than my usual weight. i was too shocked and vowed there and then to not eat cheese anymore and even did the tum and bum exercise mase tu gak. the weighing scale turned out to be faulty. i weighed myself at several clinics and my weight is actually the same as my old one. curse to that ikea's weighing scale. buat org sakit jantung je huh.

miss sayang huhuhu. sedih tak dpt nk balik summer :(

as wirda said: 'good things come to those who waits'. sabarnya sayang..


DeLiRiuM said...

Hola! I've arrived safely and am now jetlagged! Get Yus to masak for you k? ;)

ellyz said...

miss ya already..

you mesti tgh sukahati jumpe sweetie! hihi

hope to see you in 2 weeks time. makan-makan tu ingat2 la org yg terstuck kat newcastle ni :)