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'Today, dear Leo, you and your significant other might spend a lot of time conversing about what may appear to be trivial matters, but which can actually strengthen the bond between you. Your commitment is strong, even if you have no overt agreement right now. A walk through your neighborhood might be a good idea, as being out in the open could be very stimulating right now, both romantically and intellectually. Enjoy your day.'

and i did exactly what it said. and.. i did it before i read my horoscope for today. see..that's what i like about horoscope :D (read sayang: like, not obsess huh)

talked to sayang in the early morning, before i went to bed. been kinda busy lately + to less burden my phone bills, i cut down my phone calls. and for the first time, it was he who felt insecure about our relationship, and i didnt know how to react. it is always me who feels insecure, so when he felt it and expressed it to me, i honestly didnt know how to react. angry because he doesnt trust me? happy because it shows how much he cares for me? sad because i couldnt make the 11 000km distance between us nearer? well how should i know. no one ever felt that way towards me before.

anyway, i hope he's ok. feeling insecure of one's relationship is normal right? you shouldnt have doubt in me sayang, i'm not very good in words, esp this jiwang2 stuff (euw), but you should have known this by now. you know how i feel inside, in fact you are the only person in this world who knows exactly how i feel inside :)

as predicted by the horoscope, i went to town today. as i said to nadine, 'weather wont stop me from going out today' haha. a bit cloudy + rain, i went to tynemouth market. guess what i bought? a second-hand cordless drill. kinda random huh. dono. that old guy was so nice (my soft spot = old people with smile on their face..me cair everytime) + it only costs 4 quids + i need a drill (this is a soo lame excuse), so i bought it haha. then i bought a 50p jules verne's around the world in 80 days. i used to love jules verne books. one of my fav book of all time is the journey to the centre of the earth, i first read it about 10 years ago, and since then i'm hooked with his books.

anyway, i almost forgot about my new year resolution, that is to read as many story books as i can during my free time. and i had read some good books for this past 6 months. the latest one that i finished was 'empress orchid'. i really enjoyed it, it has the same theme as 'memoir of a geisha' ie an biography book, and 'empress orchid' is one of the last empress in china at the late 19th century. before that i was hooked with the anne of green gables series, i have 5 of her series so far. currently i read a few books, i used to only read one book at a time, but the last 2 books dont interest me that much, that is 'the 5 people you meet in heaven' and 'ps i love you'. i first bought 'the 5 people you meet in heaven' because i thought it will be an interesting book. i saved some money for sometime and waited for waterstone's sale to buy it. it turned out to be a rather dull book. it's a good book tho, just that it reminds me of life after death, like, a lot (i should have known from the title itself! dhoh). while huda's book 'ps i love you' is a really emotional book. i cried everytime i turned to the next page, seriously, so penat lah weh asyik nangis tak abis2. i still read it tho, in a very slow pace, to prevent any of my housemates noticing my swollen eyes. + me dont like cry. the latest book i'm hooked at is 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time'. it's an interesting book, different from the usual book that i read. nowadays, instead of watching tv for the last 10 minutes before i hit the bed, i read story books :)

i just realised i've written a long entry in my blog about...books. gile bosan. that wasnt my initial thought. think i should stop now. i should start reading paediatrics book now. have a nice week!