monday and tuesday

6/21/2005 06:10:00 PM 0 Comments »
monday was disasterous. sleep was horrible the night before. had various non-stop stupid dreams and i woke up feeling rather dizzy and numb and blank. stupid medicine, i had to come to the hosp nevertheless as i was supposed to present my case report and thus i couldnt ponteng. i was very very grumpy and cursed everything. took the bus and everybody could see my 'berani pandang aa, nk kene bunuh?' expression. then the bodoh consultant asked me about ethics. bloody hell. if ade pistol or senapang gajah or batang kayu or batang paip mmg aku dah hempuk kepala org tua tu. then someone kept on bugging me (who else?). went back home feeling very very grumpy and went straight to bed. woke up 2 hours later to cook dinner for me and yus. i made soup, yus tak sihat sgt. had to take paracetamol to help me sleep last night. think i am lucky to need to take only paracetamol to help me sleep. i once took a sleeping tablet and i was totally 'dead' for 16 hours straight. vowed myself there and then to not taking weird tablets again. paracetamol made my sleep smooth and sound.

today was another busy day. had some teaching sessions in the morning til noon and then we were off to gp surgery. had to present another case there. we finished at about 3ish and had to go straight to cullercoats to meet a patient at his house. thank god it was a straight forward case, it took just under an hour to get a full history. went back to newcastle at 5ish and singgah jln2 kat fenwick sat. shit, they are on sale. nine west shoes. handbags. pink. 50%. bloody hell, mmg nk duga aku betul. i hope not to touch my saving this month, and i'll try to stick to my promise. no more eldon sq this week. to not spend is to avoid haha.

ye ye tonite's csi. dont think i want to cook tonite. sori yus. malas weh. tomoro's my last day at work, not my last ever lah, i'll be taking a month off to study for the july exams. the good thing is they will still pay me. kire macam me taking annual leave lah. yee haa.

kuatkan lah semangatku not to spend on nine west. or mng. dah la mng dah bukak kat metro centre. then they will open TGIF kat the gate. so newcastle's almost complete. if only they have wagamama here and i'll never leave newcastle again :) hikhik