b4 tido..

4/30/2005 11:34:00 PM 1 Comment »
just want to jolt down a few words b4 i doze off. it's only half 11, on a saturday night, but i couldnt keep my eyes open. guess it's the macaroni cheese that made me sleepy. i'm in a cook mood at the moment and as usual my motto is 'spread the fat'. i made a proper macaroni cheese for everyone..thus spread all the calories muahahha. tomoro i plan to make blueberry muffins, maybe banana muffin if i couldnt find blueberries. ct insisted we carry on the bbq plan tomoro. we'll see...

been thinking about my budget lately. i'm not so good with money. been planning to save some money, and when i finally have one, i blew it on a return flight ticket to malaysia. of course it was a really good trip, but not so good in my plan to have a saving. i know i wouldnt change my decision even if i could turn back time, so why the regret? ok, at least at the moment i have enough money to buy food. to pay my rent and bills on time. and i dont owe any money to any credit card too. just mara. and i've been very sensible in using my dad's credit card, mmg hardly use la. so why the worry? i've seen a tv programme a few nights before entitled 'skint' and it viewed on how some british people are so skint they dont even have money to feed the young ones. luckily they got benefits here, but that wont cover the house rent, plus bills to pay etc. what about in malaysia where they dont have benefits? nak carik makan bukan senang, that's what my dad used to tell me and that prevented me from using his credit card. bukan senang abah cari duit for me to just spend it on a levi jeans. tho i said i was gonna used abah's credit card to stay on the mandarin oriental hotel, the truth was that i tak sampai hati, i used my money instead. my point here is to be grateful for what you have. people who aim to have everything in life are just plain greedy. someone i know wants to become a neurosurgeon as well as a model with beautiful face and thin body, with a rich boyfriend who will be loyal to her forever. she also wants a happy marriage which lasts forever and have all the money in the world so that she can buy all the things in the world. oh ya, she also wants to be famous someday so that people can call out her name, like a superstar. plus she wants everyone to understands her and accepts her for who she is. basically she wants respect, brain, beauty, money, fame, fans, friends, honesty as well as happiness.

i might not have high aim in life and i think it's fine. everytime i face an obstacle in life, i set my priority right. i want to be married to someone who loves and accepts me for who i am. that's my goal of life. some might not share the same view with me, but do think this: when you look up for those who have better lives than yours, dont forget to look down for those who have worse and be grateful for what you have.

(just a few words?? tgk..me merepek paling merepek bile ngantuk. nite..)


DeLiRiuM said...

Hear hear!