good saturday!!

5/07/2005 11:59:00 PM 0 Comments »
er..not so good for my study as i'm supposed to finish my presentation for the final assessment next tuesday. ha ha still got sunday tomoro ( a sacastic way). with a bloated and cramped tummy, and a weird saturday weather (panas, hujan, panas balik, hujan+snow sket, then panas terik balik), what else to do beside sitting on my beanbag in front of the tele with the warmth of my chequered fleece and the tv remote on my right hand and coffee (decaf of course) on my left and enjoy the saturday tv. classic.

it's the spanish f1 this weekend! almost missed the 1st qualifying session this morning as i totally forgot about it (camne leh lupe..pie letak kat calendar!). as usual, i enjoyed every second of it and when it finished and i was about to start writing my presentation, my mind suddenly (..more like, usually) thinking of monyet. we had an argument earlier this week (more like... me carik pasal sbb bosan + pms..excuses) and when he said
  • (pause)..'tak kisahlah' in his own unique tone (something not right)
  • ..'elly ade otak sendiri, boleh pikir sendiri (mmg sudah tanda bahya)
  • then we say goodbye and i say the usual 'love you' and he didnt reply 'love you too' but just 'ermm' (alert alert danger danger monyet sudah marah sign do not bombard him with ANY question whatsoever even if i would tell him the lawak-est lawak in the world it wouldnt change his mood so better leave him at least 24 hours)

pandai tak baca sign die? muehehe (doh..nothing to be proud of). anyway, me, the typical pSyCHo, bile bosan, pie suka carik pasal, pastu try pk 1001 cara nk pujuk die balik. this way, in the future, i know what i should do and what i shouldnt do muehehe ( PsYcHO). anyway, today monyet has returned to his normal self and i talked to him for hours (ok ok..minutes). another reason that make today a good day. and as usual he would listen to me merepek like hell and today i talked about my favouritest topic in the whole wide world...teka aa. best best it left me in (a very) good mood for the whole day :D in fact it made me more than happy, more like manic. sengih2 sorang2 kat bilik, talked to my monkey-bear, nyanyi2 la la la. when i'm down, i'll be really down, more like depressed. when i'm happy i'll be manic. bipolar ape. both way will leave me lost in my own world, which is not good as i cant finish my work. cool down elly cool down..

cuba aa teka my favouritest topic in the world hehe ;P

pastuh, to make things worse (not worse for me, but for my work) they had kylie minogue's showgirl concert on tv tonite. me like kylie me lurvee kylie! just last week huda went to kylie's concert in london and she said 'ada 4 guys with spenda in a shower box on the stage'. gila jeles. and that was the exact kylie concert they had on tv tonite!! for the whole 2 hours! gile haven. nadine and huda siap tepon lagi to remind me to watch this (funny gak aa anyway thanks for being so thoughtful) high gile me terpacak depan tv tak berganjak langsung. kylie sungguh lah lawanya nko.. cair cair. very petite but perfectly formed. costumes lawa gile. bontot kylie lawa gile. 4 guys with spenda in a shower box..hmm..not so lawa mheheh.

ok ok need to at least write a few more slides on my power point presentation b4 i can go to bed. that is if i can go to sleep.. alamak lupe dinner..lapar la plak tapi dah kul 12.30..malas nk makan + dah gosok gigi. ala..tak mati nyer if tak makan malam ni. nite!

ps: semoga micheal schumacher terbabas/enjin letup/tayar pecah/demam denggi/whatever la so that alonso or any other racer than michael schumacher can win. muahaha someone so gonna kill me gagggagaa