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agak sibuk lately, with classes, assessments, presentations and work, being constipated (you dont want to know that) plus all the emotions ups and downs. kinda worried over my weight at the moment. worried over my messy room. worried over my budget. worried over my anger. i was this close (less than 1mm space between me thumb and index finger) to shout 'you super stupid bitch i hate you so much i wont talk to you forever fuck you rot in hell' to a coursemate (yup..the same girl). of course i didnt but i did feel like my head gonna explode. marah sgt sampai rase leh bunuh die seriously.


but hey, at least i'm gaining weight, not losing weight. losing weight is good, of course, but it often happens when i got depressed, which is not good. look at the brighter side huh. at the moment i have to wear my so-called fat jeans, havent worn it for 2 years huh, so it kinda down me a bit to have to put on that fat jeans again. sigh. but hey, at least by gaining weight, it's a sign of me being happy. i'm not happy happy, but i think i dont have any major worry at the moment. i'm ok. you know what, i blame the jogging for my weight gain. when i jog, my appetite will be very good and i'll eat like there's no tomoro. exercise is not necessarily good, seriously

and having a messy room is not surprising for a student. it's a sign of me having an active life (bloody hell..trying hard to reason myself huh). and my worry over my budget, who doesnt? i've been in worse senarios before, so i think i can get through this. it's good to have a tough past, so that when you face something familiar later, you know how to handle it (camne leh jadik merepek ni huh lol). about my doesnt happen often. only once in a blue moon, and the person who i was angry at deserved to be shout at (haha mmg pun!). this girl has been getting on my nerves for 7 months now, it's a surprise i didnt shout at her earlier. fuck her. full stop. hahaha.

really hope tomoro will be sunny. we plan to have bbq tomoro. we had honey and lemon chicken and black pepper steak last saturday, and plan to have ayam percik tomoro. teringin. we had the bbq at our front yard last week (gile buat musuh ngn jiran2 huh heheh) so tomoro hopefully we will have it in one of the park nearby. ayam percik, nasi tomato, arca timun hehehe drooling...

makan-makan! 23 April 2005, depan umah.

the world snooker championship is on the tv at the moment. am a sport event addict. can watch sports forever and it's good to have someone to watch it with (cheer to ct! and yus too, of course). one sport i dont watch is football. cant see the logic of 22ppl chasing a ball. a. ball. donno. not my stuff huh. back to snooker, it's sad to see top players like o'sullivan and hendry lost at quater finals. they ARE very good, compared to other players who makes mistake every now and then, but even top players have bad days. like, usually a match lasts for 3 days, 8 games each to a total of 25 games on the 3rd day. these top players were good, they even led 9 to 2 at the end of the 2nd day, but then on the 3rd day they lost it. it's like some day they were REALLY good, like 5 centuries straight, but on a bad day, they were REALLY bad. while other players remain consistent, miss bola every now and then, and took advantage over other people mistakes. tu yg tak best tu. so currently in semi-finals, murphy (a plump round face guy) is playing against ebdon (former 2002 champion), and stevens (bolehlah) is against mccollough (veteren player). dono who will win, but my bet is on ebdon.

watched the hitchhiker's guide of the galaxy yesterday. a very british film. lots of dry jokes. not bad, but not my cup of tea. the interpreter on the other hand, was rather impressive, i think. i am sooo in love with sean penn. i know i know he's not the best looking guy in the world, but his acting is soo bloody good! nicole kidman is good, as expected of her. i think the plot and script are good too though some people might not agree with me.

kinda sedih over my favourite shoes. it has a hole. it has been a very good pair of shoes to me for 3 years and i like them very much. now i have to wear the shoes that mama bought me last year. the thing is, the new shoes are bright yellow. bright. yellow. all. over. it was mama's choice initially, for herself (she's kinda obsessed for funky sport shoes) but they didnt have her size, so she got herself a black pair and offered me the yellow one (more like tuk puaskan hati die sbb tak dpt the yellow one). me was like..jgn tolak rezeki muahaha. but it's bloody bright yellow. but it's better than to have to buy a new pair of trainers. pakai je la. am still wearing the koyak shoes tho..

ape lagi ape lagi. ngantuk ngantuk. oh ye, monyet pengsan smlm mase die derma darah. MUAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH MARI GELAKKAN DIE MUAHHAHAHHAHA

(sory sayang hikhikhik)