i'm back...

4/03/2005 07:41:00 AM 1 Comment »
a quick one. i dont have the mood to write, just to kill some time for my 10 oclock train to newcastle.

yup, i'm back (wa wa waaaa). back to the wet and cold place called uk. arrived london last night, am now in huda's place. it's 7.21am right now, and the train is at 10. wish i could stay longer in london with huda. the flight journey was uneventful, i didnt lost my bag this time (put 3 ribbons, 2 nametags and 2 keylogs).

huda is sleeping at the moment. me, biaselah, jetlag. bangun awal gile.

i cant describe my 3-week stay in malaysia. it is beyond words to describe my feeling. i totally agree with elina; 3 weeks ARE enough. a short but packed break. i knew i had to go back. after an unfortunate event happened 3 weeks ago (where i lost my main big bulky blackbag on the train from newcastle to london, may you rot rot ROT in hell wahai si pencuri bag hantu sial), after that everything went fine. just fine. siap bawak 1 anak lembu and 1 anak monyet balik newcastle tu, tak tipu! sampai sesak2 nafas si anak lembu tu, dah tu gemuk sgt muahaha. and for the first time, i cried like a baby at the airport. you know i hate crying. but some things are just beyond your control. sayang gile kat satu mamat kelantan ni. maybe gak terjangkit from elina who also cied at the airport. hebat tu, terjangkit from heatrow to klia tuu. anyway, i guess it is worth to cry for your loved ones. if nangis tgk cite hindustan tu takyah cite aa muehehehe.

will write again soon. am sooooo determine to......ponteng tomoro's class muahahah. need to catch up my study (hey, dont blame me, i lost my bag, thus lost all my books la dhoh). anyway, a big BIG apologise for not having time to meet up old friends mase kat mesia. i cant do everything in 3 weeks, plus everyone is working/final year/mum now, so hope to have better luck on seeing you guys next time :)

lapar lapar. think i'm gonna try to find some food in huda's fridge. ciao


Liz said...

damn! has it been 3 weeks already? tunggu ko balik lama skit then I'll come looking for you. neways... selamat 'get back to ur studies'. I'm too forcing myself to study over here... blog away gurl!