boring saturday

4/30/2005 01:22:00 PM 0 Comments »
yey bilik dah kemas!! siap vacuum lagi. siap burn fragrant oil lagih. bought it from teddy tales last month.

jap tgh dgr lagu belaian jiwa

oh angin sampaikan lagu ku padanya
yang sedih pilu
terimalah lagu ku jadi teman hidupmu utk selamanya.

kau tahu betapa ku sayang padamu..

hanya takdir menentukan ia..

ok, sambung balik. yup, woke up this morning to discover it's cloudy. guess we have to postpone the bbq then. seb baik tak merinate ayam smlm huh. takdo rezeki hari ini doh. decided to go netto since i dont have any plan today besides bbq. at this time, i really miss someone (not monyet dhoh). i would say to her, 'weh bosan aa, jom pie netto'. she would like, 'hmm..ok'. i would like, 'ape kate kite pie metro centre, saje jalan2'. she would like, 'hmm..ok. aku bosan gak'. of course she would say no every now and then, but that's ok cos i can still lepak2 kat bilik die, or pie dapur cari ape saje makanan yg boleh dimakan, or masak same2 ,more like me cooking and die layan me merepek, i really dont mind cooking for her. we always have things to do. if bosan sgt, pie layan dvd. or naruto, or gensomaiden saiyuki. such a good companion. people assume she's fussy ie cerewet, but i think she's sooo easy to be with. respect her space, know her way, and she'll worth every second you spend with her. i miss talking to her when the light's off and both of us were about to doze off. pok pek pok pek. i can write 1001 things that i like about her and the things that i like to do with her. miss you girl (not in a lesbian type of way huh)

snooker update: ebdon lost to murphy. bloody hell. not worth watching anymore huh

spoke to monyet this morning. he visited my family in kuantan last weekend and said my dad told him a joke:

byk2 binatang, binatang ape paling happy?
lala <-- they cant stop singing, you see

my dad can be funny sometimes.

weh bosan weh. dono what to do waaaa. sangap sgt. there's nothing else to do but eat eat and eat, and worry bout my weight later (huhu)